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GTL10 Tac Light Issue

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So I got a GTL10 light as a gift and I took it to the range to see how it handles with my gun. Everything was smooth until I turned on the light and started shooting. After the first two shots the light burned out. Has anyone else had this problem before?
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Sorry I have a crimson Trace light guard.
I had a GTL21 it came with an extra bulb. I'm guessing yours didn't come with one. I'd say contact Glock and see if you can find a dealer that may have a spare bulb.
I'm not concerned about the extra bulb (and FYI, mine did come with an extra one). My main concern is that I shot it one time and the bulb in the light burned out. Am I going to have to replace my light bulb after every time I shoot?
The bulbs are unpredictable they can last for years or blow out after the first time it's turned on. Probably why they include the spare so nobody bitches. Switch the bulb. If it blows fairly quickly complain to Glock.
Surefires are the gold standard of weapon lights. Before LED's always had spare bulbs on hand for just such a situation.
Guess I'll just have to upgrade to a Surefire
TLR-1 is just as good and can be found for around $100. LED no bulb to blow out. Way nicer beam. Once you go LED you won't want Xenon/halogen again.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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