GSSF 'stock'?

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  1. I'm looking to compete in my first GSSF event this year (hopefully) and was wondering what modifications were legal and which ones are a violation.

    I have a custom backplate that I could easily switch out, but it fits my personality.

    I assume non-stock RSAs break the rules?

    What about grip plugs?

    I have a G30 and will be shooting subs and heavy metal (hoping to get a 17 for civilian or a 34 for competition) and am currently considering a tungsten RSA and stock 17lb spring, but don't know if all my practicing with it would be for naught in the competition.

    Any help? I know I could get a quick answer on that 'other' forum, but I'll hold off, I'm trying to break my addiction of them.
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    Any weighted plug is right out for stock. About the only add on allowed in stock is grip tape. Do yourself a favor and bring an all stock gun if you're shooting stock Look at the GSSF website for clarification.