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I have been a GSSF member for two years now, and have not yet been to a match...mainly due to my work schedule, and usually the closest ones are min 3hours in each direction...

I used my 2013 GSSF pistol voucher to pre-order the new model 41...and I am happy to say that it arrived today! :)

Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Gun accessory

My questions are:

1. What division would I be competing in if I was to register with this model 41...?

2. If I do enter, I would be entering with an OEM or "Stock" Glock pistol, but am I allowed to have aftermarket sights installed and still qualify as OEM...?

3. Anything that I am NOT allowed to do to the pistol for this OEM division...? (Examples: polish internals, stippling)

Looking forward to practicing up with this new pistol and perhaps attending my first match this year...

Thanks for all input...


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I want to start off with saying congratulations. I think the 41 is going to be my next GLOCK.

1. Competition or Unlimited, it falls in to the same classifications as the other long slide 9mm (34) and .40 (35).

2. Any aftermarket sights have to be of the notch and post variety similar to what it comes with from the factory. They can be night sights and/or have the fiber optic rods in them. No ghost rings or holographics. Those would put you straight in to Unlimited.

3. The GLOCK Report outlines all the rules including the section 40 which specifically addresses legal and illegal modifications. Polishing, as long as it's not so extreme as to modify the function or negate the effect of the safety system, is allowed as through normal use the parts will polish themselves.

If you don't yet have your copy you can get it from


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Thanks Stak...

Can I assume that GSSF rules consider Speed Sights a "post and notch" type...?
Most all questions can be answered by reading the rule book at

Topics to consider are:
Current GSSF Rules
GSSF Made Simple
FAQ - GSSF Sign in Procedure
GSSF New Competitor Safety & Match Proc. Briefing
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