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  1. TampaBaySean

    TampaBaySean New Member

    Whos a member here ? I sent my plocation in last week . The just cashed my check!! I'm excited . I called and spoke to the guy there . He was a really nice guy . I didit mostly to be able to take the Glock Armorer class . Well the hat too lol. Then they send you a bunch of stuff when you sign up .

    You can also shoot in Glock events and compete for prizes
  2. GAgal

    GAgal Well-Known Member

    Both Bd and I are members. The competitions are a lot of fun. Did you do a multi-year membership?

  3. Kmurray96

    Kmurray96 Well-Known Member Supporter

    Just got my confirmation for the Armorer's Course today.:)
  4. lyodbraun

    lyodbraun أنا لست ارهابيا

    Im a GSSF member ... the hat sucked IMHO LOL... but the other benefits are worth it ... I wish they had a Armorers course around my area... or I had the money to go to one LOL do they offer those at Glock in Georgia ??? or what ?? anyways I have my GSSF coupon thats been burning a hole in the pockets but just have not made my mind up on what new one to get currently I have Gen4 23, Gen3 19 (wifes) Gen3 27, and 30SF... was thinking of either a 17 or 34 for a dedicated Range gun.. and add some goodies to it down the road..
  5. dslmac2

    dslmac2 New Member

    I still can not decide on GSSF or NRA. Both are about same price for multi year memberships. Competitions sound fun, but looking at there calendar they hardly ever have them in my area.
  6. dutchs

    dutchs Well-Known Member

    Very nice Mr. Murray. That should be a great experience. 9 1/2 months!!
  7. TampaBaySean

    TampaBaySean New Member

    No I did the 1 year to make sure Ilike it . Then I will do the multi year .
  8. GAgal

    GAgal Well-Known Member

    Cool. Once you renew for your second year you will get a discount on one Glock per year. It's great deal. Hope you enjoy the GSSF comps. They are great.
  9. Webphisher

    Webphisher Duct Tape, Alabama Chrome

    Did a multi year GSSF membership and a one year with the NRA. Then my renewals will be offset a year. We get a few GSSF comps here each year, not enough but its still worth it.
  10. dslmac2

    dslmac2 New Member

    That is a nice idea to offset renewals.
  11. shaker223

    shaker223 Boost Rules

    Life member in both NRA & GSSF.
  12. malladus

    malladus New Member

    Been a member since March 2007. Bought my first Glock a 3rd gen G17 the night before joining and shooting my first match in Mingus, Texas. Been shooting atleast 2 matches a year since then on the outdoor side and about 1 or 2 indoor matches a year as well.

    I went from shooting one gun I owned and 3 borrowed guns in 4 classes to shooting 5 guns I own in 6 classes. I finally won a pistol for performance at the Carrolton, TX match if the scores don't change to much from the prelims. Since starting though I've won some cash, a couple knives, and enough free memberships that I only paid for my first year and my membership doesn't run out until 2014. Cashed in 2 GSSF certificates for a pair of G34s, one of which I still own. Also did the armorers course as well.

    I may eventually get a life membership, but for the moment I'm coasting along on my freebies.

  13. TampaBaySean

    TampaBaySean New Member

    I can't wait !!!!!!

    Yeah that's going to be great !!!
  14. SHOOTER13

    SHOOTER13 RETIRED MODERATOR Lifetime Supporting Member

    Thread moved to the GSSF / IDPA / Competition subforum.... way ?

    Way !!! :rolleyes:
  15. Birddogyz

    Birddogyz Regular Guy

    I am a member and shoot monthly in a local indoor GSSF. Fun, get to meet new people, and the yearly coupon pays for the membership. I liked the hat.
  16. TampaBaySean

    TampaBaySean New Member

    Well they cashed my check so I'm sure I'll be getting my goodies soon !
  17. Grabber GT

    Grabber GT New Member

    I've been a member for a year and never got my hat even though they said it would come when they ordered more. :-(. And I wear hats all the time. Boo hoo. :)
  18. I have been thinking of signing up, just can't spare the extra money right now.
  19. Grabber GT

    Grabber GT New Member

    I paid for the one year and then renewed for three more a couple months later(2015). Used my coupon on a Gen 4 21. Used it in USPSA competition last weekend and it's awesome. Only drawback is the cost of ammo. Gotta find a way to justify it! ;-)
  20. G-23

    G-23 Premium Member

    Been a member for many years and even hold a match here at our local range (Charleston, SC) now.
    The wife and I shoot up and down the Eastern Seaboard at many matches when we can.
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