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    Hey folks I have a question about GSSF matches so I'm hoping someone that has been to one can help me. There registration form is kind of vague, there is one about 3 hours from me that I would like to attend. My question is do the matches last both days? Do you shoot both days or do you just go up on the day you want to shoot ( Saturday or Sunday) ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks an take care Bob
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    You sign up for the match and indicate what catagory you want to shoot and what gun you want to use to shoot that catagory. Of course you may shoot more than one for $25 each say, Am Civ and Comp. Signing up online or mailing in your application with a check before the match is considered "Pre"registration.

    You show up at the match, fill out a waiver and pick up your stickers that will applied to your score sheets at each stage you shoot.

    Saturday and Sunday are both open all day for you to shoot. Yoau can come Sat. and shoot all your catagories or shoot one a day. Each catagory consist of all three stages (Plates, 5 to Glock & Glock M). So really, it would behoove you to shoot both catagories at the same time on, right behind the other.

    Saturdays are kind of hectic sometimes and Sundays are usually the slower of the two days. Weather can always play a factor but the show will go on, rain or shine.

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    Thanks G23 for the info.
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    I have match questions too. I don't really have a holster for my G23 to use during one of these competitions. I don't have any mag holders as well. Would it be best to buy one of the Glock holsters and mag holders? They are fairly cheap. Please help.
  5. Danzig

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    If you're going for cheap. I'd rather go with Fobus over the Glock brand holsters and mag pouch.
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    You don't need a holster as all the stages are shot standing still, behind a table, and starting from the ready position. If you want to have a holster to carry around you can, but the slide needs to be locked back the whole time. A simple range bag, backpack, tackle box, or whatever could be used to store and transport your pistol and magazines.
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    Welcome STAK!! If you can get a minute and wouldn't mind maybe you can go to the Introduction area and Tell us a little about you and your Glock, Glocks? Thanks for joining! Enjoy!
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    No holster required but a gun bag or something to carry the gun while walking around between stages is necessary. GSSF does not want handling of firearms anywhere except two places.
    1. Under instruction of the Chief RO at a stage or,
    2. Safe Area where you can handle the gun all you like BUT NO AMMO is allowed there.

    Ammo handling/loading mags can take place anywhere but the Safe Area.