GSSF (Glock Sport Shooting Foundation?)

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    LONEWOLF New Member

    I have been hearing alot about this foundation... i have been to the website I know it costs money to join but if I do what does it offer me.....
  2. jfirecops

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    GSSF is a shooting organization for Glock owners. It offers shooting competitions all over the country and discount Glock purchases. It also allows non-LEO or dealers to take the Glock Armorer course.

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    As a range officer for the GSSF for the past 8 years, i can tell you that the GSSF is one of the finest in the country,with people from every level and shooting skills, from kids as young as 8yrs old - 99yrs old, you can meet and greet with people like The "Gunny " R. Lee Ermey, Scott Gilbertson, Scotty Banks to name a few, So if you are wanting to get involved in the shooting sports the GSSF is a fine place to start.
  4. wsar10

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    I was a member until 2yrs ago, and you have to be a member for 12mo before you can get GLOCK deals.
  5. jfirecops

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    If you purchase a multi-year membership your first year you are exempt from that rule and it saves a few bucks.
  6. G19C

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    It's a good membership program all around. Whether in LE or not. As mentioned above, they offer alot of shoots and have different categories so it's fair to everyone from LE, to novice and everthing in between. They give out Free Glocks, and Glock accessories along with other items. And as mentioned, I believe that recently GSSF now allows their members to take the Glock Armorer school. Plus the Glock discounts they offer. So even as LE, many of us are GSSF members and participate in their shoots. And usually a few of us Glock Armorers are on hand for anything you need or an issue you want checked out (i.e, feed problems, etc) A great program in my opinion!!
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    Is that armorers course open to retired LEO's ?
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    Open to all GSSF members and active LEO, as far as retired, you will have to call and ask.
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    I just joined the GSSF last week and the membership package arrived yesterday via express mail. What service!!! I joined so I can take the Armorers Class this year.
  10. sbg2340

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    Armorer's Classes
    As a GSSF member you are allowed access to the basic GLOCK Armorer's class. As a GLOCK owner, this teaches you how to detail strip and maintain your GLOCK collection. GSSF members who attend these classes may also purchase new GLOCK firearms at perferential prices, in addition to the annual firearm purchase program available due to their membership.
  11. G-23

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    And besides the other bennies, we get to order OME parts straight from the factory.
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    What is the cost? (I havent' been to their website yet...)
  13. jfirecops

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    Membership Fees
    .............Individual.................Family (3 or more)
    1 Year $ 35........... $25.. $90............$ 70
    2 Year $ 60........... $50.. $160...........$140
    3 Year $ 80........... $60.. $230.............$170
    5 Year $125........... $95.. $350............$255
    Lifetime....... $350..................... $900
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  14. KeenansGarage

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    Thanks! Not bad prices, almost the same as USPSA.
  15. G-23

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    A friend I introduced recently, just won a Random Pistol Award after shooting her 4th match!
    WOW! can't get any better than that.:)
  16. Blackridge

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    Haven't attended an event yet, but am psyched to... more so than I was for USPSA/etc for sure. I just wish they did more events in my neck of the woods
  17. sbg2340

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    my daugther's first Glock

    This year at the Glock meet (GSSF, GLOCK SPORT SHOOTING FOUNDATION), my lovely daughter ( age 11 ) comes with me and becomes the youngest RO Range Officer there, after being a member with the GSSF as a Range Officer for 9years and shooting in more than one meet i have never been the lucky one to win a GLOCK , after the last shooter has shot his round all of the range officers meet in one of the main offices to hold a drawing for one of two GLOCK pistols of their choice, now remember this is my daughters first time on a shooting range and her first time as a range officer and its my 10th year as a range officer , So they call for the youngest range officer to come up a pull names out of a box , names of all the RO's are in this box , and when she puts her hand in the box and pulls out the very first name her first responce was " Oh My God " , thats right fokes she won a GLOCK , i say she won a GLOCK because the hole time we where there she wanted to shoot and i told her no your here just to get the experience of what its like at a shooting match like the GSSF, and i told her that if she keeps up good grades in school that i would buy her a GLOCK and she can come back next year and shoot in her very first GSSF shooting match to which she said " YES" to. So as it would be she now has a GLOCK 26 in 9x19/9mm. and she just cann't wait to shoot next year.
  18. G-23

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    You shoud write that up and submit it for printing in the GLOCK REPORT!
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    How does the discounted price work on buying a Glock once you take the armorers course?
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    How long does it take to get membership approved. I am looking at getting a Glock 17 and it seems to make sense to take advantage of this program. If I am looking at it right I could pay for a 2 yr membership for $60 and get the G17 for $425. I haven't seen new pricing under $500.