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  1. So I have been looking at joining the GSSF, and it is EXTREMELY beneficial for anyone who has been considering it. Membership for 1 year is $35 and two year is $60, but after you have been a member for 12 months, you are eligible for Glock discounts! The gun discounts are as follows.

    Glock 17, 17Gen4, 19Gen4, 26Gen4, 22, 22Gen4, 23Gen4, 27Gen4, 31, 32, 33 = $425

    Glock 17C, 19C, 22C, 23C, 31C, 32C = $449

    Glock 20, 20SF, 29, 29SF, 21, 21SF, 30, 30SF, 36 = $491

    Glock 20C, 21C = $535

    Glock 34, 35 = $507

    Glock 37, 38, 39 = $441

    FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : CONTACT GLOCK Customer Service at 770-432-1202
    or GSSF at 770-437-4718

    All that for a one year membership that costs $35? Well, then renewing the following years, totally worth it in my opinion
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    I was just checking this out too. It looked to me like if you purchase a multiple-year membership, GSSF would mail you your Glock purchase coupon after they approved your application. No 12 month wait.

    Can anyone verify this?

  3. Really? I wasnt aware of that.... it may be worth it to get a multiple year membership or even the lifetime one if you can dish out the money, but yeah, normally, they allow you to get 1 new Glock at those prices per 12 months
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    What is the benefits of the GSSF? Other than the discount for Glocks.
  5. You can buy a 2 year membership and immediately get the coupon.

    However: you have to take into consideration the membership fee + the FFL transfer fee when buying with that coupon.

    over time, if you renew regularly and buy a new gun each year (I see no point in that, but others can do as they want), then average cost will go down.

    Let's just take an example I calculated last weekend
    G17 GSSF price 425
    GSSf 2 year membership (to get the coupon immediately) $60
    FFL fee 30 low, 50 high ( depends on the stores near you and how much gas money you'll spend getting there)

    Assuming $40 ffl that's $525 after going through the whole process (there are several steps to that process and it'll take a week or more).

    Take into comparison the cost of a G17 at my local Academy Sports and Outdoors (big box chain) $525 walk out today. (might find better prices at LGS)

    Both require sales tax, so that's a neutral issue.

    GSSF also offers their competitions, but at $25 per class (i know i qualify for, and will shoot, several classes) and the recommended 150 rounds per class (I know it's likely less, but that's what the GlockReport recommends), add to it the cost of travel (flight/rental car or just your own car's gas, hotel and food), you could almost buy a second gun at your LGS instead.

    I'm not against GSSF, I'm likely to join for the Dec shoot in San Antonio, I'm just sharing the #s I calculated, and that if you're only looking to buy a discounted gun, it's not that great of a deal, in my case it comes out about even.
  6. Yeah, very valid point ^ but I am looking into it more because of the long term benefits.... Because I'm a younger guy, I could definitely use the long term benefits of being a member.... I think I may just shell out the $350 for the lifetime when I get it, and not have to worry about it lol
  7. If you have the spare cash. More power to you.. I'm sure the yearly dues will slowly increase with inflation. As of now you're paying for 12 years worth and getting the life membership... Let's just hope it's around that long.

    But don't just buy the 1 year or you have to wait for the coupon in 12 months when you renew. If you can find a cheap FFL transfer fee and all the LGS prices are high, then it's a deal.
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    I've been a member of the GSSF for 5 years now and only paid for 1 year because I usually get a random membership award atleat once a year. I shoot 3 - 5 of their matches a year. The prize structures at the outdoor matches are basically performance and random. Random is 1 in 4 wins something from a free pistol to memberships, cash, knives, and e-tools. Buddy of mine shoots 5 - 10 matches a year for 6 years and has managed to accumulate close to 20+ free glocks. For $25/divison you shoot you get the chance to win a pistol of cash for performance Typically 1st place gets a gun (if 10 or more shooters) and then if lots of shooters then money trickles down to 3rd place. You also get a chance for a random drawing gun or prize for each entry.

    The GSSF has been around for more then 10+ years already and every year they are adding more matches and the matches that are held are setting records for attendence. The biggest one is Conyers in Georgia, the flagship match and they had over a 1000 people shoot it. Also they have indoor matches all over the place where a Glock is given away randomly every series (3 matchs, need to shoot 2 to qualify).

    Other perks are if you go to a match their is always an armorer and he/she will fix or replace any factory item on your glock at no charge if it is an OEM piece. They usually will give you free parts for the asking as well, so I've mananged to extened slide and mag releases, extra mags springs, followers, connectors and what not. They will not do anything withthe frame, barrel or slide, but other then that its all good. I picked up a very used Gen 2 17 that was missign the sites and someone had down a .25 cents trigger job on for about $150. Gun was basically Fubarred and would shoot period. Took it the next GSSF match I went to and the armore replaced everything except the F/S/B and threw in some night sights he had take off another guys gun who didn't want them for free. Turned around any gave it to my Father in Law for his birthday.

    They are also a CMP club so you can order all those surplus toys from Uncle Sugar whenever they are in stock.

    The discount prices are marginal at best depending on your location and FFL arrangements. I convert my discount through Glock because I usually can't find the model I am looking for at the time. Use a FFL who is a friend, so no fee, and just pay shipping. I include the cost of the extra mag (GSSF guns are Blue Label) in my equation and it usually works out that I can get a better price that way they most other venues usually.

    Depending on location it can cost some to travel to matches if there are none close, but the idea of the GSSF is that it is the gateway drug for competitive shooting with GLocks. It's geared to new competition shooters and they weed out the masters into their own class (have to win 3 performace guns) so that they just don't take all the prizes. The shooters in general are also very friendly and form a nice community. The master shooters are very friendly and typically shoot multple disciplines so they are great sources of information.

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    I've learned alot in these few posts and will probably join the GSSF soon...

    Thanks for the info guys...
  10. Yeah no problem man... And malladus, I didnt know about all that stuff they do about winning prizes and stuff too. I think that has pretty much made me decide that Im joining for sure. :)
  11. How much was shipping for you? I didn't even take that into account.

    The key to this deal being a 'great' deal is the FFL fee. The lousy gun range (with a small store) nearest me is $50, but the one near work is $30.
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    I am a member and our local range has GSSF Matches year round. They are a lot of fun plus as a member, the coupon is not bad. I did the three year membership and my first coupon came in my welcome package.
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    I'd have to look but its about $25 if I recall or somewhere there abouts. Sometimes I haven't paid it when I ordered from Ed's Police Supply before they stopped saling outside of GA on the GSSF plan.

    It is nice having a frield with an FFL, he pretty much does it because he likese guns so he looks at it as a great to see lots of things with the added bonus that most the people he does transfer for let him play with their purchases when they pick them up since he has his own small range as well.

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    I really would love to join, but I'm going to get an NRA membership first I do believe.
  15. Well, you could very well get both Jimmy :)
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    Well not if I want to have any money for the basic needs of life I can't haha. I am a college student with no job, only an unpaid internship at a church so...
  17. ahhh well, in due time my friend
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    Can you buy a glock online and get the GSSF discount? Im wanting to possibly buy online out of state to avoid sales tax on the purchase. If this is possible, can anyone tell me which online dealers participate in the GSSF discount program?

    Thanks in advance for the information!
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    If you buy the lifetime membership or sign up you and your family, you get this $100 off coupon. Don't quote me on this, however, this is all coming from memory.
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