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    There are so many add on grip tapes like talon grips. I have sweaty hands so I want something that will let me grip it well even though its sweaty. Any thoughts on to what's the best out there????
  2. One persons idea of best may be anothers worst nightmare. This is one of those things like holsters, you may end up with a drawer full before you find the right one for YOU.:cool:

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    Mike P has that right, it's going to be user specific of what is best.

    I like the RTF, and on and older Glock you can get something very similar to RTF by sending off to a company like ROBAR, or you can even do it yourself with a soldering gun, check out youtube for DIY on yours if you want-kind of a scary proposition for me to DIY though.
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    As stated earlier, there's no such thing as "the best" only "what's best for you".

    That said, I prefer Agrips by Brooks Tactical. I like them because as your hands get wetter, they get "grippier". Initially they're kind of soft & velvety almost.

    They're precut with no excess material. I purchased them from Dillon Precision along with a flat 5"x8" sheet so I could cut extra strips and fill in where the precut didn't cover. Cost was $25.00 each plus shipping.

    A note on installation: I removed everything from the grip, applied the Agrip to the surfaces I wanted covered. I then used small surgical scissors to cut out the holes where the pins and magazine catch goes. I did this so I wouldn't have to remove the grips in order to pop out pins and what not.
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    I use Talon Rubberized grips on all my glocks
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    I've tried them all.
    Cheap, great fix, $3 roll of hockey tape. I use it on all my Glocks
    Sticky when it gets wet, smooth when it's dry.


    Im gonna have to try that. Sounds logical.
  8. I am a fan of a simple houge or pachmyr grip.
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    I'm not sure if you were replying to my post (hockey tape)? If you were; Here's the nice part, one roll will last forever and you'll seemingly find a ton of other uses for it. I forgot to mention a few things it leaves NO, I mean ZERO, residue on your gun. I've tried everything else and spent a fair amount on experimenting and I've yet to find anything better (for me). Also, when the tape starts to get funky, peel it off and wrap it again. The one roll will last a long damn time. The thing I like the best, besides all the above is it's very customizable, you can put 1 wrap or 5 wraps or more depending on what you want it to feel like. Me personally I have 4 wraps on mine as I have pretty large hands and long fingers, it makes my Glock fit my hand perfectly. The other stuff is one size and no in between......

    "Renfrew Hockey Tape" is what I've been using. Hope this helps, good luck!
  10. Boracay

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    Grip tape wont hold that long especially on outdoor range. Hot weather softens the glue on the tape & moves.

    Stippling is a good option for sweaty hands.. Guaranteed it wont slip IMO. If you might be lucky in the range, try & hold it how it feels like.

    CONS: Stippling is permanent.


    Yes I was. And thanks for the info.
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    Also forgot to mention they make a tacky 3/4" and a standard 1" thick tape. I use the standard 1", the tacky is way to much, it sticks to everything, clothes hands etc. and is sticky all the time. The standard only really gets grippy when your hands get sweaty, other than that it's dry and smooth.
  13. Bear in mind that the grips like hockey tape will really wear on jacket linings and skin. The rubberized grip tape from Decal Grip will "print" by grabbing the cloth. Both are excellent for improving your grip on the gun, but bear that in mind.
  14. You get neither of these issues with the stick a grip (ebay) kind :)
  15. fls348

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    This is true to a degree, the hockey tape is the least offensive I've found through trials of just about everything else out there.
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    i use talon grips and they work great