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    I am going to the range a lot to complete a course of fire. In the process the arch between my thumbs and index finger have become really sore. Does this eventually go away? Any suggestions on some relief?
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    yes it will go away the more you shoot, for now put a bandaid on it.

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  4. ^^^ What he said...and rub some dirt on it. At least that's what my dad used to tell me ;)
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    heheh. What if the OP is actually female? ;)

    Back to the original post:

    What are you shooting?

    Does the grip actually fit you as it should or is the grip too wide?
    Is the pain in the webbing or does it feel like a muscle strain/tendon strain.

    I'd say ice it and get on with it. If it continues and doesn't get better, then it's not because you overused it or weren't use to the amount of rounds you fired. There could be something else. You may need to consider some modifications to your grip or how you grip the gun.

    For example, I HAD a Gen 3, G23. The shape of the backstrap casued extreme pain in the tendons that connected my third finger the rest of my hand.
    The GEn 4's backstrap is a bit smaller and it's not putting unnatural strain on my hand. no more pain.

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    The op is female. Thanks for the info. Just wanted some insight from those who are actually man enough to admit the pain and what they did about it. lol!
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    The pain is in the webbing.
  8. SeventiesWreckers

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    That would be something to see. I don't think she can get there from here.

    If it's in the nature of a skin abrasion, or blister, because of the texture of the backstrap where your gripping it, you might try putting a piece of tape on the area the web of your hand is contacting the gun. If it's a bruise, or deeper tissue injury, you might want to give it a break for a day or so, and see if you can find an appropriate glove for that hand. Something thin & light with the fingers cut out might work, & offer some relief.

    Hope it's a temporary glitch, & you just over did the shooting.
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    It's definitely a deeper injury (no blisters). I'll try the cut off gloves. I thought about gloves but wasn't sure if it would would look weird. Great idea. Thanks.
  10. SeventiesWreckers

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    Golf, Baseball, Football, & pretty much every other sport has a specialty glove of some kind. I have no problem wearing them if I'm shooting heavy Magnums for a couple of hours. I just use tight fitting calfskin driving gloves with the fingers cut off. Something that breaths a bit is good.

    You Welcome, & best of luck on completing your course.
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    Uncle mikes used to sell shooting gloves with gel in the web area. I have a pair only used it with my .44 magnum.