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  1. I own a G26 Gen 4 and I love this gun and I shoot it fairly well, but the grip doesnt exactly fit my hand the best. It's a better fit than the Gen 3 though. It's not so bad that I can't shoot well with it nor do I want to part with it but, if the "hump" on the backstrap was shaved off, it would allow my fingers to reach around the front straps better and my thumb access the mag release better. I know that our fellow forum member nutkinfuts29 offers this service, but it's fairly pricey! (no offense nukin!). Just want some feedback on this topic from members who have had this sevice done to there Glock. Negative and positive comments welcome! Thanks!
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    I have tossed around the idea of getting my 19C done. I have also entertained the thought about doing it myself. If I were to send it out...there is only one guy on my list that I would trust to mold and stipple my frame. That person is Lane from Cold Bore Customs out of Katy, TX. I have corresponded with him. This guy is a pro and has lots of pics/reviews to back up his work.

    Whomever you choose, make sure you understand the process they use and insist on pics of their work so you can identify red flags and shortcuts if they exist.


    1. Grinding the hump off after it has been filled with epoxy, then painting over it = red flag = shortcut. I'm not a fan of applying bed liner over it either.

    2. Taking the time to mold the frame properly to get rid of the hump (without affecting magazine function) and maintain factory polymer all the way around so it can be professionally stippled = this takes experience and skill.

    The frame is the firearm, you get ONE chance and if it's not done right it's trashed, even though it may function fine.

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  3. Thanks for the info! Looks like awesome work!
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    I own five Glocks and three have had the grips done. No regrets on any of them. (G23, G20 and G31)