Grip Reduction & Stippling..

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  1. Boracay

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    Grip Reduction & Stippling on Glock 35

    Grip Reduction & Stippling on Glock 21SF w/ Picatinny Rail

    **I can do Stippling only..
    1. Partial (finger groove & back portion)
    2. Full Stippling (includes under the trigger guard)

    Let me know if Anyone is interested..
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  2. Glockzilla60466

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    Gettin' over the "hump"...

    I have large hands but still the hump on my Gen. 1&2 20,21 and even 27 are weird feeling. They don't affect my accuracy, IMHO, but then again Ive never shot or held a reformed Glock...Whats your charge?