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    Does anyone have the grip plugs in?? If so, advantages or disadvantages??

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    The open cavity allows dust, dirt, snow, water, or any other foreign debris to enter you Glock and make its way up to the trigger assembly and firing pin. Interference in this area will affect your shooting.
    BUT, if outdoors or in rugged areas where your Glock will get wet, muddy and dirty, this open cavity serves as a flush for things to get out.
  3. water can still exit the gun, it just cannot enter from the grip hole.
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    I bought a plug that has a little storage area in it. It can hold batteries, small tools etc. I keep an extra round in mine in case I run out, OR in case of a Zombie attack and I run out, I will still have one left for myself :eek:
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    I have plugs in all my glocks except for my 30SF the hole in it is allot smaller than others so and its not a big deal so I leave it like it is...
  7. When i was cheap i took bright orange hobby paint and painted over the factory white sight. Then I took glow in the dark paint and painted over the orange.
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  9. how the F did that post about sights end up here???

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    Beat me to the answer...
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    They also assist with mag changes

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  12. Pearce finally came out with one that fits the subcompact Gen 4! I put one in my G26. It does keep dirt and debris out of the cavity, but I wanted one in mine to make it look neat and clean! It costs around $7.00, which isn't bad, but it cost me more to have it shipped than what the plug cost!!!! Thinking I got screwed on that! Anyway, I do like the plug!
  13. yea it only costs like 2.00 to ship those. Shipping is almost always bumped up.
  14. ifish42na

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    I've been looking for a grip plug to fit the Glock 21 Gen4, can't find one. Anyone know of one?
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    Just out of curiosity why did Glock put the hole in the back where the grip plug goes? Also why didn't they put the extended grip plug in to assist with mag changes? One more quick question... How do mag wells attach to them?
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    Have you. Checked Glockmeister ?
  17. ifish42na

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    Yes, they don't have one. Also checked Glockstore and King Glock. Seems like none available for the the G21 G4. I purchased a Pearce PG-G4MF but it didn't fit, confirmed by the manufacturer.
  18. The hole is there so you can clear a type 3 malfunction. Were you are going to have to rip the magazine out and need the extra leverage. They are attach by a small allen screw that screws in threw the small hole at the bottom back on the grip.
  19. I have a Pearce plug in my G27 gen 4. It just slipped in, no screws or anything. I can even use both back straps with it. Since you have a G21 I'm not sure if many are out there.

    Here is a article:

    Man I'm sorry, I looked around a little myself. I seen some for gen3s but not gen4s. Good luck!!