Grip force adapters

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  1. Recently purchased two Grip Force adapters on my G21SF and Gen2 19.
    Surprisingly enough for me, they change the angle of my rear grip and
    have improved my control especially on rapid fire. I guess some aftermarket items do work!

    You can check em' out at,
  2. Interesting. It kinda sounds like a beaver tail add on for glocks. Not a bad price all so, I don't think. Not to mention a limited lifetime warranty.

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    Maybe it's just me.
    Adding more material between my hand in the web area of my grip, up high just moves my hand farther down the grip and pushes the bore axis down.

    That isn't getting my hand as far up the grip as I can normally get it.

    Now if you're shooting with bulky gloves on, you're already at a disadvantage and this thing might help.

    Not for me but thanks for bringing it to the table.
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    I just opened a safe for a fellow the other day that had one of these on a G22. He swears by it.

    As a long time 1911 shooter I could see the scars on his strong hand where the hammer had come back pinched the web of his hand. Mind you this wasn't slide bite.

    I could see by his grip that this device might save some folks form getting a slide bite tho I don't have that much meat there.

    So, I would like to kind of retract my previous post a little cuz it just might help someone that needs this device enjoy their Glock more.;)
  5. Im still interested in this product. Its just I'm not going to fully commit to buy until I have tried it out on another glock.
  6. Here's a pretty good vid review of them. He starts talking about them at the 5:17 mark. I do like how he goes into detail about how they are meant to be custom fitted for personal preference.