Grip angle...state the facts!!

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  1. scrubber3

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    You know the famous reason some people have for not liking a GLOCK right?

    Example as follows:

    Me: why do you dislike GLOCK?
    Guy: "I can't stand the grip angle. It just doesn't feel natural".
    Me: .............. K
    Guy: "I also hate the trigger"
    Me: ...............K
    Guy: "My ________ shoots better than a GLOCK"
    Me: ...............Well that's good

    Now, I don't know about you guys, but *** does a natural grip angle look like? I mean is this the angle at which we were born holding our pistols? :confused: Is a slight adjustment of the wrist that big of a deal? Seems like some people will dig pretty deep to keep their pride in tact. I can understand if someone doesn't like a trigger, but it is still subjective as is everything else people use for reasons not to like GLOCK. That is, it's all opinion....

    Lets have a discussion so we can all learn about our GLOCKS and the facts behind them

    Proven FACTS- LETS HAVE EM!!

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  2. iamthedood

    iamthedood The dude: "This aggression will not stand, man."

    Proven fact:
    You shoot better w/ something that fits your hand.

    Glock makes something that fits all adults ( imo )

    Fact: Some people have to hate.

  3. Ghost23

    Ghost23 New Member

    Don't get me wrong, I'm a natural born hater. I hated on Glocks all the time. But then, something happened. I bought one.

    After that, I absolutely loved it. Sure, I still love Springfields like you wouldn't believe. But Glocks are my number one.
  4. Fact - some people believe everything they read on the net and are to weak minded to think for themselves.
  5. I just read it on the interwebs!! It must be true!!


    Oh. I'm having relations with Angelina Jolee - now a fact since it's on the interwebs :D
  6. scrubber3

    scrubber3 New Member

    Last time someone said the grip angle caused them to choose a different pistol, I said " If you used a spoon with a different angle would you miss your mouth?".

    Just sayin....
  7. brutusvk

    brutusvk New Member

    Some other makes of pistols do have a more natural "point" to them. That doesn't mean you can't shoot a Glock. Some grips on other pistols do feel better, doesn't mean I can't have both pistols. I also can get the grip modified and have the best of both worlds.

    Just because the Glock works well for you doesn't make the person who says it doesn't work well for them wrong. Now if the person saying "Glock sucks" hasn't ever shot one, that is a different story. I would hope the folks on this forum wouldn't be like the fanboys on the kel-tec forum.
  8. michibaptist

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    I thought the grip angle was odd when I first held a Glock. It is different. But I wanted Glock reliability so I was willing to get used to it. I figured that if I was issued one, it wouldn't matter what I thought about it, I would just have to deal with it. So I issued myself a Glock, and I am very happy actually.

    (someone might be able to give some better insight into what I'm about to write, as I am a new Glock owner and have very little time with them)....

    I think that the grip angle on a Glock forces you to grip the pistol higher. Naturally picking it up, I want to grip it lower. But to shoot it accurately I have to make sure the web of my hand is as high as possible. Doesn't feel natural at first. But It yields itself to better control and less recoil felt in my opinion. And it also yields itself to a very consistent grip of the pistol. Not changing the way I hold it from shooting session to shooting session. And in so doing, I am more consistent, ruling out one more issue that may be causing inaccuracy.

    Just some observations from a noob Glock owner.
  9. Danzig

    Danzig Glockin’ since 1993 Supporter

    The higher the grip( web of the hand)in relation to the bore = better control.
    Think about choking up on a hatchet or hammer hand in relation to the head. More precision and control.
  10. zipper046

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    Hah...LOL, i like that one!
  11. iamthedood

    iamthedood The dude: "This aggression will not stand, man."


  12. scrubber3

    scrubber3 New Member

    Yeah, I get it. The point I am making here is that these reasons are subjective. Not objective.
    Subject is something of opinion that you cannot prove physically and is abstract in nature
    Objective is something of fact that can be seen physically and is of real data. Can be handled or witnessed by people other than claimant.

    A valid example to not like the GLOCK grip could be that it doesn't physically "fit" in your hand because you have tiny d1ckbeaters.

    So, back on track.
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  13. iamthedood

    iamthedood The dude: "This aggression will not stand, man."

  14. michibaptist

    michibaptist New Member

    If the grip angle was intended originally to cause the shooter to grip the pistol in a more accurately shooting position, than I would say that that is an objective argument. (and proof of superior design...).
  15. kodiak

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    Been a while since I've heard that term LOL
  16. Levelcross

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    Good one Mike, if you form an opinion without doing any valid research, well the nicest way to put it is you deserve what you get...misled.

    I like the hands on approach to most things in life, pick it does it feel?
    How do the looks factor into your needs?
    Reliability, is the gun worth risking your children's/spouse life with?

    Denial it's more than just a river.
  17. Almost all opinions are subjective.

    Ive handled far more comfortable weapons then the Glock but Im not trying to cuddle with the thing, I want a reliable gun that will fire when I want it to fire no matter what its been through... Its hard to argue that point about Glocks. even haters will attest to Glocks reliabality.
  18. jonm61

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    There is such a thing as an optimal grip angle based on the anatomy of the human hand. 18 degrees, IIRC. That would be based on standard "anatomical position", which is the "default" position of our hand (or other parts). It's something used often in medicine; if you're hand has to be immobilized, whether in the field after an accident or in the hospital after surgery, it is, generally, placed in anatomical position before it's immobilized.

    Too bad for you that you won't get to experience that fact at home. ;)

    Actually all opinions are subjective; an opinion, by definition, is a belief that cannot be fully supported by facts.

    I enjoy my Glocks, and I carry my Glocks, but there are weapons available where you can have both. The Walther P99 (and now the PPQ) is easily the most comfortable pistol I've ever held or shot. There are thousands of other people who say the same. It's also the most accurate pistol, out of the box, that I've ever fired. Again, there are many people who say the same. It's been put through the same torture tests and done as well as Glocks. In the case of the PPQ, many people who have been lifetime Glock shooters say it's got a better trigger, again out of the box. It has the same lifetime warranty and street prices, compared to Gen4s, is actually lower.
  19. Shep482

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    I think some people "hate" Glocks in the way I didn't like Zeppelin like the other high school heads did. "Everybody" loved them so I pushed away from it and didn't even give them a listen. Then one day... I really listened and Wow! They ARE good!
    My two cents.
  20. series11

    series11 Hail Commifornia Lifetime Supporting Member

    I hated Glocks for the "blocky" look and that so many people hated the plastic toy idea of them, even to go to extreme that children will mistake them for toys. Then I had money and a mind of my own and bought my G30. All I can say is that it was BS. I love my little G30 and then got her big sister G21. Now I want to save up for a G17 and make a race gun for kicks.