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  1. ChrisC

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    I guess I am supposed to do an intro thread.

    Hi my name is Chris

    I am hear because of Keenan, I was squaded with him at the Mississippi Classic and enjoyed shooting with him so much I decided to join the forum.

    I shoot USPSA and ICORE (I'm a revolver shooter)

    I am an LEO and a firearms instructor for the State of Oklahoma.

    I am an instructor in handgun, shotgun, patrol and long range rifle.

    I am also a GLOCK armorer and also reload ammo.

    I run my local pistol club that is more an organized practice session than any match.
  2. dutchs

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    Welcome Chris!! Glad that you took Keenans advice! First, Thank you for serving our communitys! We love you guys! Second, we have a special forum just for LEO and Military, if you would like to be a part please send a PM to HAVASU and he will get you hooked up. THANKS AGAIN!!

  3. iGlock

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    Welcome to the forum!
  4. iamthedood

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    Welcome to the GF crew :)

    DEZRTFOX New Member

    Welcome to the family my friend
  6. Birddogyz

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    Welcome to the forum and thank you for your service as a LEO.
  7. ChrisC

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    Thanks for the warm welcome. I did break out my range glock last night for Wednesday night practice (my new 625 isn't ready yet) it was pretty fun blowing through stages without reloading every 6 rounds.
  8. SHOOTER13

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum Chris !!

    ...any friend of Keenans, is a friend of ours !
  9. havasu

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    I concur....welcome Chris!
  10. GAgal

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    Welcome Chris! I hope you enjoy yourself here.