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Greetings from Florida Jax area. My name is Eric I am 31 married 7 years 1 girl 1 boy. I am somewhat new to the Glock Club been adding to the collection for a few years now. Current collection consist of three 19's a 20, 21 two 23's a 26&27 and latest is the 30 my current flavor or the day. All are gen 3 guns so people ask why have more than one of the same gun my simple answer is why not. Currently been stalking a 32 behind the counter of my LGS.

My favorite guns at the moment
Pistol is my Glock 30
Rifle is my Springfield M1A
Shotgun is the good ole 590 Mossburg

My wish list would be a single stack 10mm Glock
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Hello, Striker_Fired, and WELCOME to the Forum!

My, what a collection you have there! Impressive indeed! Any photos you care to share?

Just curious, but are you active/retired military or LE?
welcome to the Glock Forum striker fired!!
Welcome Striker_Fired - Nice Intro!
Do you shoot in any competitions?
Any trigger work, sights or grips used on any of your Glocks?
Hello and welcome! How do you like your 590? Just asking because I've been looking at them the past 6 months or so and thinking of getting one.
Welcome to the Forum! It's addicting, so this is your first
Welcome to the Glock Forum Striker_Fired !!
Welcome to the forum A
Eric. There is a lot of great information this forum. Enjoy!
Welcome to the Glock Forum! Stick around, you will like it here!
Welcome home.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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