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  1. Just wanted to put up a post introducing myself.

    42, living in the greater Philadelphia, Pa region. Had been an avid shooter and CCW holder, but sold all of my firearms before moving in with some new roommates about 8 years ago (there were some safety concerns and I decided the best solution at the time was to sell my firearms). Still live with the same roommates today.

    To be honest, I didn't miss shooting as if there were an empty hole in my being. I love to shoot, just that I picked up and enjoyed doing some other things was all.

    Last year, my roommates had started showing interest in shooting, bought a couple of firearms, and practiced at the range for a few months. Last June I joined my roommates for one of their range visits, shot their handguns better than they did, and immediately started looking at .45's to buy :D Was totally hooked again in one afternoon, as if there weren't a gap of several years between range visits. You know how you have those very select few friends who you may not see for decades, but when you do see them the conversation picks up right where you left it as if you spoke to them yesterday? That's how it felt revisiting the range after a nearly 8 year haiatus. 2 days after that range session, I had my CCW again.

    Never owned or fired a Glock before this past July, when I ended up buying a Gen 3 21SF. Have put 800+ rounds through it and have had absolutely zero issues. No fail to fire, no fail to extract, no fail to feed. It just works, and it hits where I point very well.

    I'm now looking to buy a new concealed carry firearm (can carry the 21SF in winter months, but the grip is too big for summer concealment). Though there are several interesting makes and models, I keep coming back to the Glock 30, and will probably buy one because I *love* how it accepts 21SF magazines.

    The gunshop/range had a Glock 30 rental, so I took it for a spin, and damned if I didn't shoot it better than the 21SF.

    So far I've only got the 21SF in my stable, with a Sig Sauer 9mm P226 Stainless Elite on order (maybe I'll get it before snow is on the ground again). The big inner conflict right now is do I buy the Glock 30 while waiting for the Sig to show up or do I wait until after the Sig comes in.

    Who am I kidding? If I go to the range/gunshop on Friday and see a new Glock 30 behind the counter, that puppy is mine!! :cool:
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    Welcome to the Forum CoutryMick.
    I have heard from several people that have G21 that they shoot better with the G30. Seems to me like it will be the perfect fit. Congrats.

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    Awesome story! Thanks for sharing.

    Welcome :)
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    Glock 30 is excellent. I really love mine. There is an article in the 2012 Glock Auto Pistol magazine that states the 30 is more accurate than the 21. Something about barrel length and the round guaranteed to exit before resetting. Mine is dead on.

    You will need some Pearce or Scherer mag extensions. I prefer the Scherer +0 to keep the handle short and also eliminate mag spring issues. The 30 is 10+1.


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    Welcome to the forum!!
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    Welcome CountryMick!
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    Hello, CountryMick, and WELCOME to the Forum!

    Nice story you have there, thank you for sharing, and Congratulations on your '21SF.

    I must agree the '30 is indeed a fine weapon. I carry it in the wintertime (in the summer, it's the G26 that accompanies me) for the extra "oompf" for if the perp is wearing multiple layers of clothing. It is, of course, noticeably heavier than the 26.

    Don't forget to post pictures when you can!

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum CountryMick !!

    ...from your neighbor up in Willow Grove !!
  9. Thanks for the welcome, everyone.

    Glocked - I've heard the same thing about how they think the shorter barrel helps the 30's accuracy over the 21. Thanks for the advice regarding the mag extensions!
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum CountryMick! Stick around, you'll find a friendly bunch here!