Greetings from West Virginia!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by wiseclay, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. I'm a new glock owner. I just picked up a G19 about two weeks ago. I absolutely love it. No regrets. Looking forward to hearing about everyone else's experience with their glocks
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    Welcome. A lot of good people and info here.

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    Hello, Wiseclay, and WELCOME to the Forum!

    Nice choice on your Glock there, is it a Gen3 or Gen4? Any photos you care to share?

    C'mon in an enjoy the Forum!

  4. Thanks. It's a gen 3. Already wanting to save up for my next one.

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    Welcome to the forum!!!!!
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    You gonna paint the lettering on her?

    Go for any parts upgrades?
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    Welcome, also from WV here! Nicholas County
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    Weclome, West by God Virginia. Beautiful state you have there.
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    Welcome! I love my 19 but it's a bit old and since it lacks any grip contours my fiancé decided to put a houge on it. Makes it much better IMO.

    You'll find that owning a glock is sort of an addiction. I'll be hitting the range very well from here to mid summer more than likely. I just bought my 30 and I already have my sights on either a 23 or another 30. Already have 4 holsters and two more magazines. Plenty more to follow.

    Nice to have you aboard!
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    ^^^---- +1

    Same with being a Member of this addiction feeding the other, I suppose :D
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    And all of the members can be considered enablers.
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    Welcome, Neighbor! All the info is here. You'll enjoy your stay, I think.
    Mercer County here. Where are you, Wiseclay?
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! All true~! Enjoy, Wiseclay!
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum wiseclay !!
  14. I'm in Kanawha County.
  15. Mercer County here. Where are you, Wiseclay?

    Kanawha County
  16. Not sure about painting. I kinda like the blacked out look.
  17. Happysniper1

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    I have and carry the smaller sister to the G19, the G26 (Gen3), and I love that little pistol!

    Although I have a ton of stock 10-round magazines, I transitioned over to using 17-round G17 magazines for her, with X-Grip grip extensions.

    Works well for me, and the grip feels so much more stable.

    Just thought I'd share....

  18. I was wondering about the empty space in the hand grip behind the mag. Is there a plug you can get for that? I've heard people mention it but not sure what is actually called to look for one. Just trying to keep dust and dirt out.
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    Webster county West Virginia here.

    I ordered this from Midway USA: Glend Arms TACRAC Glock Armorer's tool $22. It has two punches built in to knock out the pins.
    Very nice plug.
  20. TheKraken

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    They are called slug plugs.