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Greetings from Virginia!

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I am a physician that served in the US Navy. I've been a shooting enthusiast for over 2 decades. Concealed carry since 2009. I like my Glocks. They've proven to be reliable, accurate and much easier to shoot for me. Though I have shoot numerous Springfield XDs and one XDM, which aren't too shabby for shooting but I don't like external grip safeties. For me, the Glock points well. Just my style of holding and shooting.

I have 4 Glocks:
And a G23 Lower with Advantage Arms 22 LR Conversion.

My concealed carry rotation is a Glock 30, 27, or 23, in that order.

For the home, I prefer 4" 357 Magnum Colt Python and/or 12 Gauge Shotgun. It's harder to conceal those, unfortunately.
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Welcome to Glock Forum! I like your style, you don't have one tool, you have plenty! I keep a 12 gauge around myself!;)
Jimbo said:
Welcome, what part of Virginia?

Southwest, Shenendoah Valley.
Welcome to the Glock Forum !! HQ was at Fort Belvior, VA
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