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Greetings from Vermont!

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Hello everyone! New Glock 23 owner as of Christmas 2011 (thanks dad!). Been creeping around the forums for a while and figured it was time to join!
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Welcome to the forum!!!
Welcome to the Glock Forum 802_Glock !!

Lets see some pics of that new toy...
Welcome from another Vermonter. What part are u from??
Welcome to the Glock Forum 802_Glock! Stick around, you will like it here!
I'll try to get some pictures up later tonight.

Glock34, I currently live up in South Burlington, but grew up in the central VT area near Montpelier. How about yourself?
Welcome from Ohio! Enjoy the forum.
I'm in northern Vermont. I grew up in central Vermont
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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