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Hello all. My first experience with firearms was over a decade ago, firing several different weapons in different calibers at an indoor range in Las Vegas, including fully automatic NATO rifles.

I picked up my Glock 21SF yesterday. Love it. It's a Gen3 -- living in California means no Gen4. What I love/fear/respect about the .45 caliber is its guttural response.

It's funny how about a month ago I started this whole journey with the simple thought: "I will only ever need one gun for self-defense. I'm not going to become some 'gun nut' with a personal arsenal." Yet, within a quick and short time of internet reading and research, I found my thoughts excitedly wandering/wondering about the math behind MOA and .308 loads; how tough it might be to get CCW in CA, much less my county; when and where the next gun show will be; etc, etc, etc. (I have the feeling that many forum members here know just exactly what I'm talking about.)

I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can about technique, practical applications and possibly, in the future, competition.

Oh and, if you are wondering, my username is a nod to my Pulp Fiction fandom.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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