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Hi all

Just listening to old hickok45 radio show posting on my new glock forum :)

Just recently acquired my first hand gun, a glock 19 have to say it just fits all my criteria , capacity , shoots very well , small and a lot of gun for my money IMO . i also got a S&W 22a and an XDS also - pretty damn cool also.

my next one is a G23 i think , really like the 40 and i would even spring for a 357 sig barrel i think .

a quick story - as i started to look for my first gun for CC the first 3 LGS kinda DISSUADED me from getting a glock! they werent fans ... try this sig or xd or m&p. it was very weird to me as i knew the rep of glocks and like their simplicity, etc. what i didnt understand was i never got a reason just a scrunched face lol . anyone has any insight on this let me know , do they make less off of glocks ? IDK i like all good guns

so cheers from cheeseland !
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