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  1. jaxpolice

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    Please can anyone recommend a really good Green laser for my Glock 23 gen 4, I would like it to fit tight on the rail I plan to use this as my daily carry in my Crossbread holster....
  2. dwcfastrice

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  3. wgarre1

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    the viridian seems far superior to me and just plain bad ass. They also make them available in different colors to match your frame whether it be black/OD/FDE which is a nice touch. A laser sight was never really high on my list but viridian pretty much just made me a believer. Thanks for the great info! Oh ya and BTW they through in a FREE kydex holster, whether you use it or not, a holster and a laser at around $280.... throw it in the bag!
  4. chuckds

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    I have the NCStar and have used it on my Glock's and Mech Tech. It's well made all aluminum, flat black. It has the same exact wave length as the Viridan, 532nm. Unlike the red ones you can see the green in daylight and no limit at night. It does drift a little, so I adjust or check for adjustment every other time. I found mine on eBay about a year ago for $45.00, I'm very happy with it.

  5. captainscall

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    I have the Viridian X5L on my 19. It is amazing. You can see the green laser fairly well in the daylight and the tac light is blindingly bright!!
  6. alba666

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    Have the 1st Generation X5L. Was about a month out of warranty when it died. Viridian fixed for free and paid all shipping.
    The strobe light mode is naaaaasty. The issues I had with 1st generation appear to be fixed (4 small buttons that can get pushed by accident, hard to find CR2 batteries, no holsters).
    Fit was right at end of muzzle on a G23. It is on my Gen4 G22 now in the rack in the nightstand.
  7. kenedienme

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    I have the lasermax genesis on my Glock 19. It's a green laser and it mounts on the rail. It has an ambidextrous power button and it's rechargeable. I paid $250 for it so if you have the money try it out. It works great
  8. 17Glocks

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    The ncstar is only $45 but it is honestlyvery nice compared to what u think it would be
  9. rikrok

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    0 shows the Viridian for $204
  10. 6-b-kwik

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    i have the viridian on my g22 love it the light is so bright and laser can see beam for a great distance