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Dave (dwcfastrice) was greatful enough to ask me to join him in some practice today in PA. I made the drive from DE to Trail Creek Outfitters in Pottstown where we started the day indoors. This place has A LOT of toys.. i highly recomend you check it out if your even in an hour radius of the place. lots of good stuff.

This was the first competition style shooting I have done with my Glock 23 that I just recently purchased and dave really helped me a lot and I feel as though I have greatly improved just from today's practice and some of Daves advice.

We then made our way to Allentown PA to an outdoor facility called Guthsville Rod & Gun Club where we could get a little better feel for the competition day strategy. Being able to be outdoors, setting up various targets to engage really helps; much more so than standing in a single lane at an indoor range.

and of course it wasn't all business...we had to bust out the Keltec PMR and Keltec KSG both of which are absolutely a blast to shoot.

Thanks again Dave,
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