Grease Or Oil ?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by JEDerrick, May 24, 2012.

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    So I'm thinking about moving from oil to grease for my Gen4 22. What is the best grease to use if I was to move into that direction? Where are the grease points? Lastly if I was to stay with oil, what is the best choice you believe with oil? Right now I use Hoppes.
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    Oh, and just to be clear I'm not talking about the barrel, mainly the slide points.

  3. I clean and lube my Glocks pretty much just like the Hickok45 videos on You Tube (2 videos). Works great!

    There is also a Glock lubrication video by James Yeager on You Tube where he slaps Gun Butter on points of the gun, but to me, he puts too much grease on the gun...Glocks don't really need too much from my experience.
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    I'm not sure grease would be a good option. IMO, grease would just trap dirt and metal shavings as well as residue from spent rounds and just wear parts down quicker. Sure, the Glock would keep on trucking, but why do that when it isn't necessary?
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    I wouldn't use grease, try some M-Pro 7 LPX oil, works great.
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    My G23 is an older model that has the bare steel frame rails, newer ones are nickel plated. One of the rails developed a small spot of surface rust while it was literally dripping in Hoppe's Oil. It's a decent lubricating oil but it's not very good for corrosion protection. I use Ballistol now, it's a good lubricating oil and a good rust protection oil. There've been a few other spots where light surface rust has developed on both of my Glocks, and since I started using Ballistol I haven't seen even the slightest hint of rust returning.

    I've never used grease but if I were to try some, Brian Enos' Slide Glide Lite would be one of the first I'd try, or possibly Gun Butter. I wouldn't use grease in the cold season though, it'll gum up faster than oil will in colder temperatures.
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    Ditto to CLP on the glock.

    I use some grease on selected points on my AR. that's about it.

    Grease and Oil will BOTH trap dust/dirt particles. Big thing is to NOT over-lube. Unless you have the Advantage Arms kit. That thing loves to run well lubed.

    As with all things, YMMV.

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    CLP, I have been converted to it thanks to Nukinfuts. Lube the points as outline, then wipe half of it back off and you have now used the correct amount of oil to keep your Glock in top working condition.
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    Question; the Hoppes warning refers to No.9 cleaning fluid not their oil correct?

    I went CLP route years ago but break out the Hoppes No.9 on stubborn barrel fouling.
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    I use clp but I think it's pretty hard to mess up when it comes to lubing a Glock. There just not that picky about oil IMHO. I try not to overthink things though.
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    IMO, use CLP and not grease. And remember that Glocks do not need very much lubrication at all. Too much will just attract dust and debris.
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    I've been using Hoppe's grease on the slide rails of my Glocks since 1998. Never a problem, it doesn't collect dirt, and it seems to me that it makes it smoother. It definitely lasts longer. You don't need a lot. I apply it to each of the 4 frame rails on the frame, and after working the slide a few times, wipe off the excess at the end of the slide. That's the only place I would use grease. Everything else should be oil.
  14. Where can I get some ballistol guys?
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    Anyone scare of your Hoppe's #9 just send it to me and I will dispose of it for you free of charge!;):D
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    Question about CLP... Is that the "Break Free CLP"?
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    Yes and it is good stuff!:D
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    Dude just get a quart of mobil 1 synthetic oil and call it a day. It will last you a lifetime. That's what I use on every gun I have. Works great. Doesn't burn off as easily as hoppes n such. BTW I barely oil my Glocks just a dab where it says to put it at on the manual.