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Grass always greener...

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So I own a nice Glock 21 SF with 1913 Rail, and while it's a fine gun, I'm considering swapping it out for a Glock 17, although I'm not so sure I'm interested in the new 4th gen...

All clogged up over this "dilemma" I thought, who better to help than you fine folks?

The role of either gun is for home defense / SHTF (a sidearm accompanying my colt LE6920) so concealment isn't a primary concern.
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The nice thing here, is you can own both sides of the fence!

What makes you hesitant of the Gen4? What is making you look at the 17, caliber, feel, etc? I own a G30 and G19 Gen4, the Gen4 is amazing. I love my G30 as well, its a hoot to shoot...ok so did NOT mean to rhyme, but I wrote so I stand by it!
I went with a brand new G17 Gen3 because the textured grip of the Gen4 was too rough on my hands. Either way you go, you'll end up with a fine gun you'll love.
Ah, I keep forgetting the RTF on the Gen4. The Gen4 was the first pistol I owned so I got used to it fast.
I use mine for competition so the feel of the grip is quite noticeable after shooting many rounds successively. My EDC is a G26 Gen4 and it's perfect for that use.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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