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  1. TXGlock19

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    The family all has Glock19 Gen 3's. We do target shooting at the range. What is the best grain for us? I've heard that a lower grain may cause jams - any truth to that?
  2. MikeDeltaRomeo

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    I like to shoot 124gr NATO spec rounds best all around target round whether shooting yourG19 or MP5.however, since I own three pistol calibers (9x19,.45,.40) and multiple guns chambered in these calibers; I regularly buy ammo in bulk when I see a good deal or have/make some extra cash. Moreover, since I have this habit I have plenty of ammo to choose from; giving me the option to practice with a variety of rounds and try new brands out as well.

  3. M22

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    I'll second the 124gr. No issues with 115gr but i do notice different points of impact between the two. Remember if you get 124gr NATO it is hotter than commercial 124gr.
  4. SHOOTER13

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    I, for one, don't think there will be any issues with any of the 115 grain, 124 grain or 147 grain currently available. Bring some of each and do your own testing and evaluation on POA/POI. Then you will know exactly what your G19 likes...
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    I have shot a few thousand 115gr through my 34 and never had a jam.