Got to meet The Gunny today.

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by SamEngel1984, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. SamEngel1984

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    One of the gun shops down here had a meet and greet with R. Lee Ermey today, so I got up bright and early to meet him. I have to say he's was probably the nicest celebrity I've had the chance to meet. He took the time to have a personal conversation with each person in line when it was there turn to meet him. Not a lot of guys will do that and I was very impressed.

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  2. Danzig

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    Very cool. A few friends and myself met Jesse James at Sturgis bike week at the height of his popularity. He was incredibly nice and took pictures. He acts like a scumbag on TV but was cool in person.

  3. SamEngel1984

    SamEngel1984 New Member

    Yeah... You'd think Jesse James would be a douche from watching him on TV.... I thought the same thing when I met Axl Rose... I'd heard for years how much of a jerk he is, but he was actually really nice.
  4. GAgal

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    Sam that is so cool! I would love to meet the Gunny sometime. Glad he was such a nice guy.
  5. RRoss

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    Umm, jelous. Very cool, if you ever get a chance to read his bio, he really is an amazing individual with a cool past.
  6. akvs22

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    I got to meet the Gunny when the IACP convention was in Orlando a few years back. He was working the Glock booth and he was great. Just picture a line of middle aged guys waiting for a picture and autograph from a legend. I only regret that I can't find the autograph he gave me. But I still have the photo somewhere.
  7. wrpNYFL

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    Very very cool.
  8. G-23

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    Looking like he might need a haircut there!
  9. Jake

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    Gunny is a stand up guy. Old School with a touch of modern class. Your lucky to have met him. I met him a couple years ago and he was the same way... He had a conversation with everyone in line... Very good dude!
  10. bfish

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    Nice that's awesome! Super jealous
  11. Kmurray96

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    They've shot a bunch of movies at East Jersey (Rahway) during my 24 years there. I was even an extra in "The Hurricane".

    Stallone... sawed-off runt that wore higher heels on his shoes. Inmates had him spotted as a punk from the door.

    Denzel Washington...Great actor, but one of those "method" actors. Has to get into character, so please don't disturb him. Uh-huh, sure. He's just an arrogant pri*k with no social skills.

    George Clooney...Better actor than you think, Warm, down-to-earth guy. Would come into 3 wing and grab a cup with the cops and hang between takes. Absolute pro. Director would call for "places", the coffee get put down and ...bang, on his mark ready to go. I rarely saw him have to do two takes.

    Brad Pitt...Very affable young man, always seeming to have a smile on his face. Almost ran over the itty-bitty ol' ma out in the parking lot. She had come to pick-me up that day and because of the parking situation had to park out on the street. Was walking in the lot towards the door when Brad came swinging out with Clooney and Roberts in the car.

    Julia Roberts...scared stupid of crowds and strangers. Hardly saw a wink of her.

    Want a good tip? Challenge Denzel washington to a one-on-one in basketball. This guy is the all time spaz of basketball. We like to joke around that he was so bad the Latin Kings dropped a note that they were going to put a "hit" on the chief just to get him out of the prison.:p

    They did drop a note, but not because of that non-basketball shooting clown. Brought him back in about 6 weeks later to finish the shot and it still took another 30 takes.