Got shot in the package

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by bhale187, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. bhale187

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    not a real bullet, thank GOD. SWAT simunitions training today.

    I was on the shield, and got shot in the package from about 15 feet with a simunitions round. No cup on of course........that can ruin your day:eek:. Luckily it was the last senario of the day.
  2. MiguelAngel

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    I dont know if I should feel sorry for your nut sacks or you... You Ok??? lol :rolleyes:

  3. Kmurray96

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    The old red man suit, ay? We only use it in the academy now. No more retraining with it. Too many guys were catching a beat down thanks to jailhouse hard feelings getting played out on the practice field.

    After a couple of guys went out on SLI (full pay temp disability) for awhile and one guy had a heart attack, downtown decided, OOPS! This might be a bad idea.:rolleyes:
  4. After that happened, how bad did you wish you could do this.......

  5. SHOOTER13

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    Glad your OK...and what did we learn today students ?!

    Yup...wear the cup !!

    @'re a sick pup !! :p
  6. GAgal

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    The Birddogyz said....Ohhhh that lion bite you! :)
  7. Argyle64

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    I know how you feel. In 2006 I lost my left testicle to testicular cancer. Then in 2008 while in SWAT school I volunteered to be the bad guy. Never volunteer to be the bad guy. I was bleeding so much from the simunition they thought I was shot with real rounds. I held 2 hostages for 3 hours and when the breached on me, a 12 man team shot me with full-auto M4's and MP5's. Even after I went to the ground and curled up in the fetal position, they were still shooting me. I had welts and bruises for weeks afterward.
  8. brutusvk

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    Sim rounds suck. I had the worst bruise on my left bicept from one. (not as bad as getting hit in the jewels, of course)
  9. MiguelAngel

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    Lmao!!!!! MikeP you are crazy!!!!
  10. Hurricane460

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    The quality sucks but you get the idea....
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  12. jimmyalbrecht

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    This blows haha, I've been hit with many baseballs there, and it doesn't feel good.
  13. unit44justin

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    :eek: I can only imagine. I volunteered to help out the County DTF with their simunitions training and I made sure I had my twig and giggle berries well protected. These guys are so darn trigger happy they really don't care if they play the situation out correctly they just want to throw rounds at you.
  14. the_mule

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    They are not that bad. I got hit right in my ass cheek once during training.

    [If you must know I tried to clear a building by myself - RAMBO style w/o my fire team. (thought they were "dead") dumb].

    It did not feel much different than a paintball. You are right though, I would definitely not want to take either one to the jewels! We did not have to worry about that happening because fire team leaders did "cup checks" to make sure we were wearing them. Which is worse? Wearing a cup, or a sim round to the junk, because wearing a cup also blows.
  15. bhale187

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    Funny stuff guys!

    No permenant damage, just a little tender down there.

    The sims sting and leave a good welt, not alot worse than a paintball with the fps cranked up. The rafle/carbine sims are worse than the pistol ones though, luckily the one I took to the tenders was from a pistol.
  16. This thread reminds me of this lol.