Got my foid!!

Discussion in 'Conceal & Open Carry' started by knuck, Jan 31, 2012.

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    Some here will have no idea what a FOID is. :confused:
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    Congrats, what State?
  5. KeenansGarage

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    Congrats! That is a great day!
  6. jfirecops

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    Does a FOID just mean you can purchase and own one, or carry?
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    Mixed Emotions

    I'm glad you got your FOID and all, but I'm sorry you live in a state that requires law abiding citizens to go through that kind of crap. Illinois is a nice place, other than Chicago politicians.

    Again, I'm glad you got it. Sorry that your state is so communist that you had to apply for it in the first place.
  8. Yea it really is completely unconstitutional and such an invasion of privacy
  9. leadsled

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    Illinois is the only state that has no provision for concealed carry licenses.

  10. They are the only one with no provision, but they aren't the only state where you cannot get one. NJ won't issue them, either.
  11. knuck

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    Ya, it is quite sad...I applied for it on November the 22nd and it came Monday, the 30th of January. About 9 weeks of patiently waiting. But for those that still dont know, a FOID is Firearm Owner's Identification Card. This card only allows me to be able to own/purchase a firearm, It doesn't allow me to conceal carry. Hopefully some pressure is on and this silly unconstitutional blasphemy is handled!
  12. Well Illinois and Alaska, you can open carry a 500 magnum without a carry license... Thank you very aggressive, cub protecting Brown Bears!
  13. knuck

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    Maybe down further in Southern Illinois lol,but definitely not in the Chicago area.
  14. Where you at down here? I'm in Carterville.
  15. knuck

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    im in chicago
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    Is it possible to carry an unloaded firearm in a fanny pack, (or backpack) as long as you have your FOID? Thought I read something that you could carry it as long as you met the above guidelines. Been meaning to contact ISP to ask...
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    I'm not sure on the transportation laws.
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    Congrats to you!

    I'm soooooo glad we don't have that kind of nonsense here in the Silver State!

    (except for Clark Country, with requires residents to register their handguns....too close to LA, I guess)
  19. Congrats, but its still crappy because Illinois cant have any kind of carry permits.... being from chicago my whole life, it sucks, let me tell you...
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    Now your next step is the chicago permit mine recently. Don't only why your FOID took so long. I started my whole process on 12/4/2011, that's when I sent my foid paperwork 01/20/2012 very thing was complete... I had my foid, took my permit class, did all my paperwork, got my permit from Chicago then registered my Glock....wasn't as long as I thought it all would take.