Got Accepted For Florida DOC!

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    Does anyone have any experience in the Florida Corrections system? I would be going in as a non-certified officer until I can take the State Exam.

    Any ups or downs about Florida DOC?
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    Nope, don't know. Sounds like a good thing for you thoughDD! Congrats.!!

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    Read "Newjack" by Ted Conover.
  5. KeenansGarage

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    Congratulations! Good luck and I hope you enjoy it!
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    From a 24 year CO at Rahway State Prison (now East Jersey)...

    1. Expect to be assaulted at least once in your career
    2. Inmates are not your friends
    3. Friends you knew from the street, now inmates, are no longer your friends
    4. You have NO family that are inmates working at your prison and if one does show up, you better let Administration know 30 seconds later. One of you has to transfer
    5. When doing searches, look up. You sit in a deer stand only about 8-10 feet off the ground, right? Well, man is just a little higher on the food chain and we have a tendency not to look up either.
    6. Don't sh*t where you eat. Street cops can change partners, and shifts. Prison cop? Nope. You and the dragon lady will be eyeballing each other for the rest of your career. And if it's a bad break-up, every other cop, and a whole bunch of inmates will know you got a teenie-weenie.:eek:
    7. Never, ever give or take from an inmate. No air conditioning? I don't care how hot and sweaty you are. Take that can of cold soda from that "friendly" inmate and he will own you.
    8. When asked about a particular inmate when outside the prison, you don't know him...period
    9.When asked if you know another cop by someone outside the don't know them

    Now for the bad part:eek:

    A CO's life expectancy is 59
    Our suicide rate is the highest in LE
    If working in an old prison, expect exposure to a lot of toxic nasties from asbestos to roach feces to lead paint.
    Not everyone can be a wing cop, so expect leg/back problems from years of standing for long periods on concrete floors. Good reason to seek rank besides the salary increase.

    Welcome to one of the few recession proof industries in the world. People got to eat, people are going to get locked up and people are going to die.

    But at least you get to retire at 55.
  7. sgtcowboyusmc

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    ALL Of this and Wait there is More:
    KMURRY covered it pretty Good.
    Stay out of Prison Politics.
    Leave the Job at the Job!
    Save the War Stories for Co Workers when you are alone. Don't tell them to friends and Family to impress them or to seek sympathy.
    Don't use up your Sick and Vacation time as you earn them. Bank as much as your dept will allow. As you progress in your career you will need it down the road.
    Don't stick your hands where you can not see. Use a Mirror and flashlight to check out blind areas!
    Learn all you can at the Academy but remember that is just the beginning of your learning! You will Learn so much more once you work the tiers.
    If you know it is wrong don't do it! Don't buy off into the well everybody is doing it.
    As much as human;y possible follow the procedures. I have never seen anyone walked off for following the rules!
    I did 24 yrs in the California Dept of Corrections. Worked every level and spent most of my career working Housing Units, Yard Officer and Yard Sgt then Yard Lt!
    I never wanted to go above Lieutenant because there were way too much politics. 14 Yrs on our SWAT Team. I still think that helped keep me sane!:D
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    Oh I forgot Congrats and Good Luck! I loved my job all the way up until I retired but sadly that is not the case all the time.
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    Damn!!! All this has surprised me. I worked Corrections in NJ a few years ago before getting into Radio & TV. I recall some bad incidents but nothing to this extreme! Hope it all goes well! I'll keep you guys updated!

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    Congratulations to you. Good luck in your training, I hope it all goes well.