Got A Job Offer In Springfield MA & Need To Know...

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    As some of you may know I'm in the entertainment biz, radio & tv to be exact. Today I received a call from Davidson Media Group asking me if I was interested in hosting a morning show up there.

    The first thing after thinking of salay, was my gun and my rights. What are the laws up in MA? Are they as friendly as Florida?

    Please elaborate as much as possible.

    Any help will be highly appreciated!

    Thanks Guys!
  2. EvilD

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    MA is very anti gun. If your coing form Florida, you'll think your moving into a Nazi occupied country, very liberal, very anti gun, very anti America. As bad, if not worse than NY, where I am trapped.


    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    From the legal heat app...

    “The people have a right to keep and to bear arms for the common defence. And as, in time of peace, armies are dangerous to liberty, they ought not to be maintained without the consent of the legislature; and the military power shall always be held in an exact subordination to the civil authority, and be governed by it.”
    (Pt. 1, art. 17)
    Contact Info
    Massachusetts State Police
    Firearms Record Bureau
    Criminal History Systems Board
    200 Arlington Street, Suite 2200
    Chelsea, MA 02150
    (617) 660-4600

    Prohibited Areas (state)

    Public or private schools §269.10(j)
    Any stadium or sporting event with metal detectors present.
    Posted Buildings. Part IV T. I Ch. 266 §120
    Prohibited Areas (federal)

    Airport secure areas (49 CFR § 1540.111(a))
    Post Offices (18 USC § 930, 39 CFR § 232.1)
    Federal buildings (including prisons, courthouses, and Army Corps of Engineers) (18 USC § 930, 36 CFR § 327.13)
    A private residence if notice is given (verbal/posted sign)
    Military bases (18 USC § 930)
    National cemeteries (38 C.F.R. § 1.218(a)(13))
    Any area designated secure or otherwise prohibited by State or Federal Law
    Duty To Retreat

    Yes. No statutory reference exists, however the common law appears to support the MPC’s minority opinion that a duty to retreat from an encounter exists prior to using deadly force, if it can be done in complete safety. See MPC §3.04(2)(b)
    Special Notes

    In Massachusets residents are either issued a class A or class B permit to carry. All licenses to carry firearms shall be designated Class A or Class B, and the issuance and possession of any such license shall be subject to the following conditions and restrictions:
    A Class A license shall entitle a holder thereof to purchase, rent, lease, borrow, possess and carry: (i) firearms, including *large capacity firearms, and feeding devices and ammunition therefore.
    A Class B license shall entitle a holder thereof to purchase, rent, lease, borrow, possess and carry: (i) non-large capacity firearms and feeding devices and ammunition therefore
    *Semiautomatic handguns that hold 10+ rounds are considered “large capacity”.
    Traveling on a Steamship: Wood Hole, Martha ‘s Vineyard and Nantucket Steamship Authority: Persons carrying firearms must identify themselves. (a) Immediately upon entering onto Steamship Authority property, the person must identify himself or herself to the Terminal Manager (or in the Terminal Manager’s absence, the Terminal Agent, Assistant Agent or other Authority employee acting in that capacity) and present his or her valid License to Carry Firearms or Firearms Identification Card. (b) Prior to boarding a Steamship Authority vessel, the person must identify himself or herself to the Vessel Captain and Vessel Security Officer (VSO) and present his or her valid License to Carry Firearms or Firearms Identification Card. (Part J 2.1.1)
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    Would my CCW from Fl be able to be transfered there? Or do I need to go thru the whole process?

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    They do not recognize any permits but their own...
  6. DevilDawg235

    DevilDawg235 New Member

    Damn itttttt
  7. glocknloaded

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    Not only are you gonna give up your gun rights but you'll go from beaches to snow.

    I moves from Orlando to Oakland CA and I feel like I've been stripped of all my rights but at least I have mountains,Beaches and AMAZING scenery. I still miss my gun rights :(

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  8. DevilDawg235

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    Come back!!!
  9. Angry_Dave

    Angry_Dave is being censored

    My sister and her family moved from fl to north Carolina, then to mass now they are back in n.c. My brother in law said there is no amount of money worth living in mass for
  10. glocknloaded

    glocknloaded Click Click Boom Supporter

    My family is still there I visit a lot but I've thought about moving back ALOT but the economy is much stronger here and business is good. I am in construction and it's hard to get by down there with out having to work on the road...
  11. Eye_Peeled

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    You need to stay in Florida. Patience, my friend, patience. It will pay off. :D

    Listen to me telling you to stay in Florida while I am right on the verge of moving to North Carolina. I hope I am making the right decision.
  12. DevilDawg235

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    I've been discussing it with my girlfriend all day. Although I'll be making 30k more than now, the cost of living up there is 22% higher than Orlando, which will break me about even.

    I'm going to listen to their final offer tomorrow when the GM calls me. But after analyzing finances and being far from what I love, I'm leaning towards staying here more than leaving. Between me and my GF we make more than enough to be ok down here. Even though I would be close to my mom in New York, Jetblue always have specials to JFK. I can go whenever I want!

    So there is no way I'm going to give up my right to carry my Glock...

  13. william488

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  14. DevilDawg235

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    thanks a lot. This really helped!
  15. KingSanchez

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    I've been in MA for 3 years. Had to have my G23 grandfathered in. There is a confusion on what Glocks can be sold in this state. I've visited a few places and they only sell Gen 2 Glocks. 10 round cap sucks. I'm buying a house soon..... But it won't be in MA.

    Oh.... GSSF.... Only 1 range is a host ONCE a year. Glock Armorer course.... Good luck with that.

    MA is anti Glock (post '98), anti Springfield Armory, anti most 1911's, anti XDs, the list is heavy.

  16. First, congratulations on getting a job offer!

    Though plenty of folks have already posted info about MA's gun-unfriendliness, one other thing to consider: if the offered gig puts you in Boston, good luck finding a parking spot anywhere in the city.
  17. KingSanchez

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    True statement.
  18. DevilDawg235

    DevilDawg235 New Member

    Lol, I think I'm staying in Florida!
  19. dutchs

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    I say, wise choice...... my 2 cents!
  20. DevilDawg235

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    I'll be seeing you on Saturday right?