Got a G21 Mag with a +2 on it today.

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  1. Took back a Fobus paddle holster that was for a G21, thought it might fit the G30 but it was waaaaay to long. So anyway, just for grins I ask if they had any used G21 mags and low and behold, they found one with a +2 on it. It was marked $28.95 but since I do a lot of business at this place I was told I could have it for $20 bucks out the door, such a deal. Now I've got a 15 round mag that I can use with my G30 for around the house and it feels like it'd seat easy enough so that I can add another round to the chamber so that's 15+1 rounds of 45acp. Can't beat that deal. I love this G30, with 10+1 for CCW and 15+1 for HD what more could a guy want.:D
  2. What more could a guy want? How about the +4 extension? lol 18 rounds of .45 acp. :D

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    I have a 15 rounder for my G30sf, keep it in my "Go"/EDC Bag, its nice to have for reloads.
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  4. Almost wish when I'd gotten the LWD barrel I'd have gotten the extended one with the two ports. That'd make the G30 look Uber Cool, oh well, maybe later on I'll order an extended barrel. Right now I'm just stoked to have 15+1 for around the house. Makes it' nice when you have to grab the gun and flashlight to go check something out. Figure I've got enough ammo to take care of whatever I find now, of course truth be told I was ok with 10+1 but more is always better IMHO.;)
  5. Still, for 20 bucks you got a really good deal! Congrats! :)
  6. Yep, I'm happy as a clam.:D Guess I just got really lucky too, it was the only used G21 mag they had in stock out of a big ol' box of mags. Lots of G22 and G17 mags, that's to be expected but go figure, a G21 mag AND it had the +2 on it. Wow, what a great day.:)
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    I'm leaning towards the ported barrel, no time soon, but some day. Will the LWD barrel handle .45 Super?
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  8. Don't see why it wouldn't. The whole deal with the Super is mostly in the extra strength cases and the heavier recoil spring.
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    That is what I was thinking, more case support from the LWD barrel should allow the .45 Super and .450 SMC to be used, but a .460 Rowland will allow them to be used also. Future decisions... :D