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    Hallo my name is Johan (Grobbie), and from Groblersdal. South-Africa.

    I have aquired me a Glock 19, after all the prescribed stuff was done!
    And own it now for 3 months, I make use of a IMI defence holster for consealed carry, wich is compulsery by law.

    I was previously involved in law-enforcement (South-African Police) for 17 years. The Glock was a new mindset for me, as (a) I was not carrying or ownning by that matter a gun for a couple of years . (b) The saftey features of the Glock?

    Let me explain .
    I releid on a saftey catch on a weapon for many years. In my career I made use of various 9mm pistols . Walther P38, CZ 75, Berretta 92 F, Z88.Mainly for work and self-defence.

    The Glock made me realise safe carrying and using the gun is possible without a traditional saftey catch.
    There is for me 2 golden rules a). Finger of the trigger until engageing. b)Now the status of the weapon, one up or not?

    Thank you for the oppertunity to join the forum.

    Groete Johan
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    Welcome from North Carolina!

    Since you have had some weapons training, I'd say carry the G19 with a loaded chamber. You know to keep your finger off the trigger until your ready to fire, that is your main safety.

    What type of bullet/ammo will you use in your G19? Just wondering.

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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome to the forum Johan. Yes as you can tell wel like our GLOCKS here! Enjoy! Wish you a good day.
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    Welcome Grobbie! If you mean one in the chamber when you carry, by, one up, Then yes always, I always do and I feel completely safe doing so. Enjoy the forum Grobbie!
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    Welcome to the forum
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    Welcome to the Forum Grobbie! This is a great community. I hope you enjoy yourself here.
  10. Welcome to the forum Grobbie!! Enjoy your stay!!
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    welcome Grobbie
    what is the going rate for a new Glock down there in SA?
    How is the current weather?
    It is nice to have a member from a different country just for S&G and also info for visiting different countries.
  12. Grobbie

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    Hallo Sir.
    I make use of PMP 115 gr FMJ and Magtech 115gr JHP, amunution .I dont think it is the best . But it is available and affordable?

    About R 250.00 per hundred.
  13. Grobbie

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    A paid for the Glock 19 , R 9 500. You need about R8.00 to buy a dollar.
    It is Winter year , but ver modderate weather, I dont now what it is in Farenheit?
    But tempratures in celcuis is at it coldest during the night between (2-10), day temratures (17-25)

    The area is Bushveld , farming and game farming, Northen - Transvaal!
    Summers are extreme and tempratures rises eascily to 42 celcuis. And Winters is between 4-5 months,from May to Augusts.

    Kind regards !
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    Hey everyone!

    I'm also for South Africa! Great place to live... But good to have a gun...

    Nice to see people from across the ocean carrying and experiencing crime and all that... Makes me feel like I don't live in the wild wild west...

    I have a gen 3 G19 which I got in 1999. Shot plenty through it and it is still in perfect condition. Definately carry in condition 1!

    Also got a RONI G1 to make it a carbine.. Very cool...

    Anyways.. Welcome Grobbie... Nice to see another Vaalie here!