Good Gun Belt?

Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by silver04v, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. silver04v

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    Can anyone recommend a good but fairly priced gun belt? Looking for something nice but no more than 50 dollars, the cheaper the better but I don't want to cheap on quality to much. Thanks in advance.

  2. Argyle64

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    I wear a Safariland 2.25" nylon duty belt. I've been wearing the same one for 6 years now and it still looks new.

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    For my tactical pants I wear a blackhawk riggers belt, for my jeans, I have a double thick $12 faded glory belt from Wally world, and my dress belt is a two sided leather/nylon reversible belt by victorinox I got from target. They do the job well I might add. Really rigid when they need to be and they look great!
  4. iGlock

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    I wear a 5.11 belt. Works great, better than all those pleather belts ive used.
  5. I've never tried the standard "three stitch" belts so I can't say how stiff they are. All I've tried are the "five stitch" which is a option but is free right now. Also they offer CSM{polymer lined} and I can't imagine how stiff that would be. The five stitch works fine for all my needs. I wear the 1.75" all day every day even at work and I do a lot of bending, squatting and weird contortionists maneuvers at work.
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    BlackHawk Carbon Fiber Belt? very nice.
  7. Yea i think its a bit cheesey but the quality and function is great. If he was limited on budget you cant beat a quality leather belt
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    If you want a leather belt, go to and look at the Blackhawk CQC belts. They have certain sizes/styles on sale for $20. I just bought one a couple of months ago. Seems every bit as good as my 5.11 leather belts and I swear by those.

    I bought a 1.75" for my first belt, but all of my holsters were 1.5 and so were my jeans, so I had to return it and get a 1.5. I'm guessing you haven't had this problem?

    I haven't used the Wilderness belt, but I've used a similar 5.11 belt with the stiffener. They work well.
  9. Mike makes his own holsters, I think thats the big difference
  10. I prefer the 1.75 for the ability to hold the weapon even more upright with no chance of sag or leaning out that sometimes happens with larger/heavier weapons using a 1.5. Also all of my pants, shorts, jeans or other wise accept 1.75 with no problem.
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    I just ordered the 5.11 double duty. Hope it's good?

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    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Yep, it's good belt! Hope you enjoy it!
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    Thank you!
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    I like this belt and would have ordered one already but I see no guidelines on how to choose your size! They have sizes Small-4XL but no way to help you in choosing which size you need. Anybody have any info on how to accurately choose?
  16. go to the bottom....

    Also here's the one on 5.11's site. Not easy to's in small print at the bottom of the pages......