Gold Dot test today. 9x19mm vs 45acp.

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  1. A buddy of mine came over with a block of Ballistic Jell. He does tests with this stuff all the time and wanted to do one with the 9x19mm, 124gr +P Gold Dots he carries in his Glock 19 against a 45acp, 230gr Gold Dot. He wanted to use my G30 for the test so both rounds would be shot through guns with similar length barrels. Test was conducted at approx. 3 feet from the block of jell. Came up with some pretty interesting results.
    Here's the info on the 9mm first:
    Temp Cavity=2 1/4"
    Depth of max. expansion of bullet in jell=2 3/8"
    Recovered bullet dia.=.655"
    Recovered bullet weight=124grs
    Hight of bullet=.380"
    Now for the 45acp:
    Penetration=12 1/4""
    Temp Cavity=2"
    Depth of max. expansion of bullet in jell=2 1/2"
    Recovered bullet dia.=.683"
    Recovered bullet weight=230grs
    Hight of bullet=.422"
    I'm going to try to post some pics as attachments, hope they come out. If it'd not been raining we'd have taken my Chrony out and got some real world velocities too, maybe another day. I've still got some 45acp handloads with XTP's I'd like to test.
    Anyway, interesting day, kind of opens your eyes to all the "caliber wars" junk that goes on. Seems like either round would have done the job pretty well.
    P.S. in the top pic the 45acp is on top and the 9mm in on bottom.

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    Thanks for sharing. Both performed well with amazing weight retention. I've been telling people for a while "don't believe the caliber hype".

  3. runman

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    Very cool, thanks for sharing. Interesting to see the science behind it all. Glad to see my little ol 9mm did alright. LOL
  4. PeacefulWarrior

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    I've done extensive research on caliber... I own all 9mm - cheaper to shoot, and ALMOST all handgun calibers fall short of anything close to a 'man stopper.'
  5. PeacefulWarrior

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    And thanks for the post! Wish I could do something like this besides shooting paper @ the range!
  6. Makes me wonder why this stuff isn't available at gun ranges. I'd spring for it.
  7. Blades

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  8. From what my buddy said you can remelt this stuff and use it over quite a few times before it stops working.
    I'd love to be a Gun Writer and do this kind of stuff for a living. :cool:
  9. GlockIt

    GlockIt Carry on my friends!!!!

    Wouldn't we all :), a man can only dream. I also wouldn't mind writing for a travel/fishing magazine.

    That's why gold dot is my first choice followed by critical defense then HST/hydro shock!!!!!
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  10. This was a real eye opener to me. I've always been a fan of the 45acp but I also know that with proper ammo 9x19mm is a good round as well. This just really kind of cements that idea firmly into my mind now.
    I guess any major caliber handgun(i.e. 9x19mm, 40S&W, 10mm Auto, 357Sig, 45acp, ect.) WILL get the job done with modern HP ammo.
    We're going to do a test on some 9x19mm ball vs 45acp ball next. That should be interesting. Also, like I said, when the weather clears up I'd love to get the Chrony out and see just how many fps each round was traveling.
    Hope the jell holds out long enough for me to test my 230gr XTP handloads as well, love to compare them to the Gold Dot 45acp load. I've always been a fan of the Hornady XTP and I've loaded a bunch of em' in everything from 38spl and 357Mag to 9x19mm, 45acp, 45Colt and even 454 Casull but never got to actually test any in Ballistic Jell.
    Need to see just how fast 6.5grs of Unique will push the 230gr XTP out of my G30 with the LWD barrel and I'd like to compare it to the Factory Glock barrel as well since the Poly rifling is suppose to give you a velocity boost.
    So many ballistic test to do, so little time,LOL.:D
    Here's a side by side pic after we cut the block in half. 45 top, 9mm bottom.

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  11. Lucian_253

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    So your saying I should of bought a G-19 for $495, instead of the G-30sf I paid $550.00 for earlier today.
  12. bfish

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    Very cool thanks for sharing! I love my .40 but 9mm will be next for carry I think... Ive got my eye on a 19 to accompany the 27 or at least be a ride along or night stand gun. But yes fmj will be interesting again thanks for sharing
  13. Blades

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    Nope. Just saying you need one of each. :D
  14. Basically the test just shows that with the proper ammo either would be equally effective if you do your part. ;)

    Still not giving up my 45acp G30 though.LOL.
  15. Same here! Even tho both will work, the .45 acp still makes a bigger hole. :D

    Its all about shot placement. A .22 is deadly if you can hit the right spot!;)
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    Goes to show any major caliber will do the trick. I changed all my hand guns to 9mm a few years ago. Plus it's cheaper to shoot so now I'll work on the real limitation, (ME) and my shot placement.
    Thank's for sharing with us and great pics also. Cant wait till the next round.
  17. Argyle64

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    I've been carrying Speer Gold Dot on and off-duty for 6 years now.
  18. Dazz

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    Got those same Gold Dots in my new G26. Seems like i made a good choice for a newbie.
  19. Argyle64

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    No, you should've bought my Gen4 G22 I have for sale for $490.