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  1. jsimion423

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    I as I said before I had to sell my G22 Gen4 that I had done to my perfect vision, well I get home today sit down and figure out the check book and pay bills....I noticed that I still had $1674.98 left over I was thinking something was wrong.... Nope!!!! My school credited me money that they owed me and never bothered to inform me. Neither did the bank. So I sold my perfect gun for nothing!!! Now the big question is what do I get to replace it?? You guys have seen what I can do with my jewelers skills...I've had some ideas but want some input. I'll share some of my pics just to show off my skills. What do you want to see done?

    PS I'm not advertising any services. I do this as a hobby for myself. Go to Nukinfuts to have this done. He is awesome. :)

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  2. Birddogyz

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    Run to the LGS and get to the Glock counter fast, only if you can spare the change.:D

    Nice work, by the way!

  3. Danzig

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    As a jeweler maybe you should go over the top like this;


    The diamonds in the hollow points go the extra mile!
  4. Always liked your work. I love that picture on the ammo pile, i may have to borrow that for some of my future photo 'ops.
  5. jsimion423

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    Go for it Nukin. Thanks for the compliment to! You can request photos too I'm always happy to share ideas as well. :-D I'm very artsy and have good pic ideas.
  6. jsimion423

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    Glocks here I come!!!!!

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  7. Nice what Glock you have in mind?

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Plural???? Haha... Go get 'em!!!
  9. jsimion423

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    Well first I'm buying back my G22 Gen4 and then I'm thinking about a G17 Gen4 with the fish gills. There's a place here that has them for $489 brand new with 4 mags and a Serpa holster for that price. Sounds like a good deal to me.
  10. chilly613

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    I don't think they have a Gen 4 with the gills. I know there is a Gen 3 with the same grip texture as the gen 4 with the gills, but I could be wrong.
  11. jsimion423

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    That's what it was. It was a Gen3 RTF and the texture is just a bit different. I didn't care much for it compared to the Gen 4 17 so I went with the original gen3 G17 :-D
  12. Nice score on the G17 RTF2 Gen 3!
  13. kodiak

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    Noooooooooo! ;)
  14. CWearTX

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    Man...that's one hell of a job! I like the glock slide and the diamond hollow points :) :) :).