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  1. matt161

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    Hey guys. Have anyone tryed to use the glow-on from I was looking in to it and want to hear what u guys say about it
  2. lyodbraun

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    Ive never tried that stuff but back in the day I used glow in the dark nail polish it worked very well, id imagine that glow on product work even better..

  3. Matthew780

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    Heck. For that kind of money, it would be worth it to try it if someone were looking for a cheaper (not better) alternative to add minimal night capability to the sighting system.
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  5. Id pay 10 towards a vail... See if you can get a few cats together and do the group discount deal at the bottom.
  6. dwcfastrice

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    I'm using it. (pics in the painted glock thread). When its "Charged" its super bright. The intensity dies down after a bit. Within 4-5 hours, you can hardly see it.

    It is not easy to spread. From what I understand, brightness is related to the size of the glow pigment and the V10 (brightest) stuff they have, has some pretty large chunks of pigment.


    I did the front and the rear. This glow is after about 10 seconds worth of "Charge" from a TLR-1 tact light.

    It would be good for "open" rifle sight as their exposed to sunlight/light most of the day (as opposed to in a holster) and in twilight, the sights would glow enough for you to see sights.

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  7. inkjunkie531

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    Glo-on paint works well

    Glo-on Super Phosphorescent paint is great. I used it on my G17 and it looks awesome! shake and stir well before using and apply several coats. also use an inexpensive clear nail polish for protection. Good luck!
  8. ZO6Vettever

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    I tried "GloNation Super Glow" paint and it sucked. I put a Meprolight front sight on and it does the job.