Glockworx Connector Bending

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by dusty_dragon, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. dusty_dragon

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    hey my friends,
    have a little prob with one of my glocks.
    G19 with "-" OEM connector and feytoory set up, absolutely no prob at all.

    installed a glockworx 3.5 drop-in connector yesterday and each and every time i dry fire it, i have a really heavy trigger weight and a catastrophic trigger pull feeling.

    the trouble is that the trigger bar jumps out of the glockworx connector to the right side of the frame.

    the glockworx connector was installed properly, did it twice, just to be on the safe side, everything is where it should be.

    but it seems that the glockworx connector should be bended a little bit more to the right side for more contact and better alignment with the trigger bar.

    is it necesary to bend a glockworx drop-in 3.5 connector to right fitting?

    installed many ghost 3.5 drop-in connectors on my other glocks and never had an issue with them.

  2. G-23

    G-23 Premium Member

    I would bend it right back in the mail for a refund.


  3. dusty_dragon

    dusty_dragon New Member

    that's what i'm going to do, i suppose.

    just wanted to know if someone had the same experience with glockworx 3.5 drop-in connectors
  4. dusty_dragon

    dusty_dragon New Member

    just checked the connector again. it's a glockworx Zev Tech V4 Race Connector and it's supposed to be a drop-in part with no fitting / gunsmithing required, if i got it right.

    problem ist, it's just not fitting.
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  6. G-23

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    Not a put down so, please don't take it that way but:

    "Anybody can install this," is a way over the top statement for the area you are working on in the gun.

    There are just too many mechanical principals going on here for the light mechanical guy to get and grasp. To add to the failure, you are working on a firearm. There will be heavy responsibility and accountability for your actions in this endevor and any results you aqquire.

    Too many Glock owners seem to have been taught, "Anybody can work on a Glock." Or, "Just check out YouTube for the answer."

    Problem is you can't sense or feel in many cases what else is going on except with your own weapon.

    AND some people just have no business tinkering with stuff they have no clue about or, even less ability to handle. Some just follow the herd I suppose until they get bit and then scream, "Well, it wasn't my fault, the internet told me (I could) to do it!"
  7. dusty_dragon

    dusty_dragon New Member

    @ G-23:
    thanks, but i did all the trigger job spare parts thing on several of my other glocks, but with ghost connectors, this was the first time trying a glockworx, that made probs, that's why i asked the question mentioned above.

    thanks a lot, the link will help me

    does anyone know why i get no immediate e-mail-notyfication, if new posts occur in my topic. i checked my account settings and everything iost all right, but i still get no notification on your answers??
  8. havasu

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    I just checked your settings and all seems correct. I believe you will get them, although "instant" and "actual time" are vastly different.