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    Hey everybody, I'm not a vendor... but i really like it's where i've gotten ALL of the stuff that i use for my glock. Barrel's... holsters, springs, whizbangs, and thingamabobs. I'd highly recommend this site to anybody looking to customize their glock, DIY, style.
  2. jchappies

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    Just bought my G22 from there, plus it help that they are 1/2 mile way from my house.
    Good group of guys over there too

  3. 40caljim

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    I have used them many times when customizing my Glocks. The only problem is they keep sending me new catalogs which causes a whole new set of problems (new credit card charges, etc.)
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    I have been there a few times. The guys in there are very friendly and help full. They never make you feel stupid when asking questions. Seems like a great place to hangout.
  5. Kmurray96

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    And they ship quick, too.
  6. MonteG26

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    I love their store as well.
  7. Model22

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    Gosh, i really haven't been around for a long while... Bump for memories!
  8. cola490

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    The one problem I have is that don't tell you up front if a item is back ordered.
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    I like glockstore but glockmeister is about 30 mins away from me :)

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Both are pretty good, glockmiester is 1/2 mile away from me. But ever since June I buy everything from myself, I have quick shipping too! :D

    Sorry gotta put my bid in there :p

    Never had a problem with glock store except some of their prices, and when I used to go to glockmiester they were pretty snobby, all "know it all, and your opinion doesn't matter" like... Didn't feel welcome there. Course it could have just been that one employee.
  11. The GlockStore is good but I find that Lone Wolf has slightly better prices. On the order I placed yesterday for parts for my G19 LW was .41 cents cheaper then the GlockStore. ;)
    Not even going to comment on the prices at GlockMeister.:eek:
  12. I'm going through that right now. Also it took 48hrs to even get a order confirmation for an order I placed on a Monday. I had ZERO idea one of the things were on back order until only half my order showed up then it was listed on the packaged receipt that the other was on back order for a couple weeks. The first part of the order showed up on a saturday then on the following tuesday I get a notification email letting me know it had shipped. :confused: Also the first part of the order showed up slightly damaged. I emailed them expressing concern and was told it shouldn't be a problem. Ummmm,'s part of my gun. I depend on it to protect me and you're telling me to install a part that is slightly damaged?


    Kind of sux since I've always praised them having never done business with them because I like how Lenny does so many "how to" vids with so many of their products. Now I've actually done business with them and I'm having second thoughts of doing anymore.
  13. chilly613

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    I had that problem too. I ordered sights from them for a friends birthday and they didnt tell me it was back ordered. A week passed and they told me they won't be in for almost a month after I had to call! My friends birthday was only 5 days away. Cancelled my order and found them in stock at Brownells... Glockstore has good videos though for DIY armorers.
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    My fav place for Glocks accessories is