If you are a Glock fan, odds are you have seen the series of Glock commercials starring the always lovable Gysgt. R Lee Ermey. You know the ones where some foolish criminal seeking an easy target comes across the wrong person, only to be confronted by a Glock and Ermeys tagline of \"looks like they picked the wrong___\"

Well, Glock asked its fans to come up with their own videos recently.

These were some of the best entries submitted by Glock fans who showed they were as good with a camera as they were with their polymer pistols. And here we have the top ten:

Wrong Tent

Wrong Hotel

Wrong Purse

Wrong Car

Wrong Tent (a different one, yes, there are two)


Wrong Mom


Wrong Family


Wrong Jogger


Wrong Block Party (which I actually found the funniest)

The official rules stated that the prizes
for the contest included 1) Grand Prize consisting of a $5,000 cash
prize, and a trip for Grand Prize winner and one (1) guest to Hollywood,
California for 5 days/4 nights to attend the filming of the winner\'s
Wrong Pick Concept, for a total value of over $10K.

The winner of the Glock Wrong Pick contest was:


Wrong Taxi (You picked the wrong taxi...)

Which is your favorite? Comment below.