Glock's Wrong Pick Video Contest Winners

  1. If you are a Glock fan, odds are you have seen the series of Glock commercials starring the always lovable Gysgt. R Lee Ermey. You know the ones where some foolish criminal seeking an easy target comes across the wrong person, only to be confronted by a Glock and Ermeys tagline of \"looks like they picked the wrong___\"


    Well, Glock asked its fans to come up with their own videos recently.

    These were some of the best entries submitted by Glock fans who showed they were as good with a camera as they were with their polymer pistols. And here we have the top ten:

    Wrong Tent

    Wrong Hotel

    Wrong Purse

    Wrong Car

    Wrong Tent (a different one, yes, there are two)

    Wrong Mom

    Wrong Family

    Wrong Jogger

    Wrong Block Party (which I actually found the funniest)

    The official rules stated that the prizes
    for the contest included 1) Grand Prize consisting of a $5,000 cash
    prize, and a trip for Grand Prize winner and one (1) guest to Hollywood,
    California for 5 days/4 nights to attend the filming of the winner\'s
    Wrong Pick Concept, for a total value of over $10K.


    The winner of the Glock Wrong Pick contest was:

    Wrong Taxi (You picked the wrong taxi...)

    Which is your favorite? Comment below.
  2. NWGlockgal

    NWGlockgal Active Member

    Somebody picked the wrong winner. Should have been Block Party.

  3. BillTheBuyer

    BillTheBuyer New Member

    I would have gone with the block party. That was good.
  4. audiophile

    audiophile Killer of all things donut............

    I thought "Wrong Car" was the best.
  5. Clintage3

    Clintage3 New Member

    I'm a little late to this blog post, but I appreciate the love for Wrong Block Party! I made that video. My kids were just asking to watch it and I was searching for it. Thanks people! It really was funnier than the others.