Glocks underpriced or Sigs and HK's overpriced?

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  1. I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I just want a few opinions on this topic. So, is it just me or do Glocks seem underpriced for what you get? Don't get me wrong, I'm not wanting their prices increasing, but to me they seem really underpriced compared to other popular polymer handguns(i.e. Sigs, HK's). The average price of a new Gen 4 Glock is around $550 and the prices of the other contenders are twice that! Why is that? Anyone else agree? Comments welcome! Thanks!
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    Seems like jsut another great reason to own a Glock! Others do say they are more precision built and so forth but I don't get why you would want to pay more for a more difficult gun to care for? Just my humble opinion. All comes down to what you want.

  3. So true! I'm not knocking the others, they are great guns, but is it really worth it to pay double? I've shot a HK .45 and it shot ok, but the owner had over $1,300 invested! I've got close to $900 invested in my G26G4, but I've done a lot of upgrades including 5 mags w/ pinky ext. Never shot a Sig though. IMO, dollar for dollar, you can't beat a Glock! Also, I'm not a fan of hammer fired pistols.
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    Glocks aren't underpriced. Sigs and HK's are overpriced. It might cost an extra $50 to make an HK but they're a few hundred dollars more than a Glock. And don't get me started with Sigs, they put a new paint job on the gun and charge an extra $400 for it, ridiculous. Not to mention with both companies you have to jump through hoops to get spare parts.
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    Glock has kept their customers more important than their pockets. If u ever go to the factory or need to call customer service, its clear who wants cash and who wants to help the consumer. A lot of gun companies get military and leo contracts and charge what they want once their name is out, because they get money either way. U do get a lot more parts that have to be fitted and installed with Sig or hk. Thats like sensors on a new car. U get a lot of over engineering that u have to pay for, but u really dont need.
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    I agree about the hammer unless it is purpose driven. I have a 23 and a 21 Gen 4 and a SR9 Ruger, all under 600 bucks each and couldn't be happier. Not to say anthing else would never interest me but for bang for the buck I love what I got.
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    With Glock you get a quality pistol at a fair price. You dont pay for bells and whistels you may not need or want.
    You can keep it stock . Or you can make it your way easy to work on like a 55 chevy.
    with a few mods that dont near add up to the other guns in cost. She likes being dirty dont need a oil bath.
    I have 2 g19 AND g21 Never lets me down. I do have the sig 1911-22 ONLY BECAUSE GLOCK DOESNT MY A 22LR WHOLE GUN
    when they do im so there
  9. I actually bought a SR9 before I bought my Glock. The SR9 is a great gun, but I didn't do enough research and found out that it didn't conceal well with me and I didn'tknow they had the compact model. I know this sound bad, but it has to many safety functions for me. I didnt like the external 1911 style safety, the ridiculously large loaded chamber indicator and the mag disconnect safety. Love the simple durable design of the Glock!
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    I wholeheartedly agree. I use the Ruger when I want to practice with a 9 otherwise it stays with the wife and she thinks I got her a beautiful gun and loves it!! SMMMOOOTTTHHHH!!!
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    Reason why i think sigs and HKs are expensive (besides their reliability) is cuz of the name. i got my sig cheaper then my glock so im happy.
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    I say its a mix.
    Glocks are cheap, in fact they have not changed their price in over decade (how many other products can say that?). HK and Sig, while fine firearms, are selling their label, just like Colt, you pay a premium to get a good quality firearm and the ability to become a gun snub for owning them ;)
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    That's why glocks are the best cheap and reliable.that's how it should be. No need for anyother
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    Yea when I was at the range the guy next to me let me shoot his hk and I hated it. My 45 was more accurate
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    I have always owned a Glock and always will. My brother and I are always debating on who's is better my gen 4 Glock 22 or his Colt 1991a1. I know this has alway been a long debated topic, but like I always tell him, I would put my Glock up against his pistol anytime! Don't get me wrong I like the 1911 platform as well, but personally I have never had any problem with my Glock at all! I have had several problems with my Kimber and my Springfield 1911a1. Oh and this is my first post and new member here, glad to be aboard!
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    Hey daddy, Glad to hear you are a die hard Glocker!! Welcome, If you get a chance maybe you could go to our Introduction section and tell us a little about yourself and Pics of Glocks are always welcome. Again welcome, Enjoy
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    I have a Kimber Stainless Custom that will out shoot any of my Glocks or any gun I have with the exception of my Ruger target 22 and that is a push! Never had a problem with the Kimber ever. Having said that if we are shooting for bragging rights (Groups) I break out the Kimber because it will shoot one ragged hole at 15 yds but my G30's are my everyday carry and one in particular (A 2007 made G30 it is my most accurate Glock and the most "Shootable" ) One of the Members here has a saying on his posts that fits and I will try and get it right "I show my Friends my Kimber but I show the Enemy my Glock" Ok I probably screwed up his fine saying but you understand!
  18. I have Sig, CZ and Glock.I think Sigs price is high because of the fact they started out as all German made. Yes they are abit overpriced!But of the three I listed CZ is the best bang for your buck!Don't get me wrong I love my g34 but the cost is high compared to the 9mm matte stainless CZ 75b.My CZ gives the longer barreled 34 accuracy a run for the money!CZ is all steel and heavy but very accurate and built to last!CZ and Glock are my favorite the sigs are safe queens.I can't wait to pick up my g22c next week. Then I can compare it to my 40 CZ.Glock are price pretty good but CZs price is better I think.
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    Glock is good but older Sigs, HK, FN, Beretta, Steyr and maybe Caracal are better. I think the only thing a Glock is good for is when you definately need a gun that will go bang, everything else is more accurate at extended ranges.
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    The only firearms I put before Glock are HK and FN