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Glocks rock!

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Can you ever own to many? If so how many is considered to many? I've only got 3 but I'm working on it!
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Welcome to the Glock Forum Arrestya !!

Well, let's see some pics of them Glocks...
Don't have any pictures of my glocks on my phone but here is my gruesome twosome....or my twin M4s...rock river and Benelli....


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Here is my Glock 22 among friends

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Very nice... I see you have a Desert Eagle...what caliber ?!

Also a Makarov...what is the country of origin ?

I own a EG Makarov from 1961...
You can never have too many! ;) Good looking collection there.
Thats a first generation 44 magnum and a Russian makarov...
I agree there is no such thing as to many Glocks ....there is also no such thing as extra
Nothing like old Glock 27...

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Hey, Arrestya, WELCOME to the Forum!

A man after my own heart: I always say "When you know how many guns you have, you don't have enough!"
Just bought my wife this cut little 27 for Christmas....

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So far 4 pistols and a carbine conversion unit but looking to add atleast 1 this year, just havent decide which one and what caliber yet. Thinking of joining the GSSF, that would help with my obsession for more glocks plus i've been thinking about seeing if i'm a good enough shot to compete also.

IMO! There can never be to much of any firearm. :D
I'm getting a 21 SF when I get my tax refund....what a masterpiece...
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