Glock's GTL 21 / GTL 22

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  1. eld1906

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    Does anyone have experience with this tactical light/lasers and how does it compare to the others that are on the market.
  2. Danzig

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    Had the G21. Once you go LED nothing else compares. The G21 has a dim yellowish beam. Plus I couldn't find a duty holster at the time.
    The Streamlight TLR 1 is your best bet for a light. TLR 2 has light and laser. Streamlights are very durable, made in USA, relatively good price and good warranty.

  3. cvitter

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    I own one and don't use it very often. It was more something I picked up because I had a decent discount coming at the Glock store and just wanted one.

    That said it works well and fits a Glock perfectly (since it is designed to). The controls are easy to manipulate. Sighting in is easy. And the design is quite robust.

    I actually think the light is quite bright and it is nice that they ship the unit with a spare bulb but I agree that for the cost I don't understand why it isn't an LED light.

    As Danzig mentioned you will have difficulty finding a holster that works. I got one from Fobus and I hate it. After that I gave up on the idea of carrying the combination. Otherwise if this is for a home defense weapon it would be a good choice. If I kept my 19 in my nightstand I would have the light/laser mounted on it.
  4. eld1906

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    Thanks for the info