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  1. Ok, so Iam new and haven't search for anything yet. BUT, I'm very interested in the Glock 45 GAP.
    2 years ago i went to a LGS and they have heard about the 45 GAP but haven't heard much about it and said the ammo would probably be expensive (which i looked online and wasn't that expensive). They pointed me to the 40S&W so i bought my G27 for a carry gun. But I'm still interested in the 45 GAP, it sounds like a good consept.

    So is there anyone on here that has the 45 GAp and what do they think about it?

    Would you go with a 45 GAP or 45 Auto?
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    I tell my FA students, when discussion of ammunition types and ballistics comes up, that the .45GAP was an abortion that lived. Get a .45ACP.

  3. LOL!
    OK. I know the 45 ACP has a track record but was just trying to see if the 45 GAP was anything to consider.

    I mean it sounds good, whether it is or not depends on other peoples comments on what they think and of course they have to have one or have had one and of course they are the ones that know.

    Basically i would like to know if anyone out there has that caliber and what they think about it.
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  4. DarkFreedom

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    Isn't the comparison of the .45 GAP to the .45 ACP the same as the .380 is to the 9mm? Just a shorter casing with less powder on what is otherwise the same size bullet?
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    No. 45 GAP is loaded to 45ACP +P pressure. When you compare a standard GAP load to a standard ACP load they will be 50-70 FPS faster than the ACP load in the same weight. When you compare a standard GAP load to a +P ACP load it is about 50-70 FPS slower than the +P ACP load.

    Te GAP is faster than standard ACP loads of the same weight and slower than +P loads by about equal amounts.

    The facts of it are when I first bought mine it averaged $4.00-$6.00 more a box of ammo. I shoot alot of rem UMC and I buy it today for a dollar LESS a box than the same exact load in ACP costs.

    The GAP is issued to 10% of this countries state police or highway patrols. The ACP is issued to 10% of this nations state police or highway patrols. 9 years ago it was 0%.

    Just a few facts. Don't listen to the Internet banter. Myths and lies perpetuated by ignorance of the facts at best.....
  6. My concern isn't price so much as availability. GAP isn't as readily available. ACP is much more ubiquitous!
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    .45 GAP meets or exceeds .45 ACP ballistics. The ammo is readily available all over the place online and Speer sells 250rd pks to gun stores that run around $90. If a local store doesn't carry it, I'd imagine they can order it.

    It does have and serve a purpose. There are those, myself included, who find even the SF Glocks to be too big in the hand. Gen4 may have resolved this, I haven't held a Gen4 21, though I've read that the standard grip is the same as the Gen3 21SF.

    Personally, I love the round. It's very comfortable to shoot and coming out of my 37, it's been very accurate. It's been tested extensively and everything I've read from the law enforcement agencies that have adopted the G37 as their standard issue has been positive, both from the guys in the field and admin.
  8. I agree I dont notice 45 GAP on ammo shelves, but always a good varied supply of 45acp.
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    I own a glock 37 and i would dare to say i like alot more than a .45acp. The felt recoil is almost non existent which allows for faster follow ups. Go online and you can buy gap rounds all day for a great price 18 per box of 50! I just order 300 rounds for 120.
  10. Go online, go online. I'm not a stockpiler. I want to be able to goto the store on my way to the range after work and buy ammo. GAP just isn't popular enough for stores to keep larger inventories.

    Also, if SHTF, you will not be able to scrounge for GAP and you will not be able to trade your GAP firearm for anything.

    As well, I've never seen a carbine or other make of gun use GAP... Not exactly one of those calibers that are commonly used. 9mm and .45 are available in massive quantities around the world. GAP, not so much.

    It's a cute little 'boutique' bullet, only used by a minority.
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    Thats a funny post you have. You sound a little ignorant to the subject. Your talking about rounds that have been around way longer than the gap. As far as not being able to trade or sell that just not the facts. I have had offers made that where really good but i didnt do it because i prefer it. Look how many State police departments are adopting this cute boutique rounds and the numbers are rising. Nine state police agencies total all along the east coast. Maybe give it a chance to grow before putting it down for no reason. Just my opinion.
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    I held off on buying a G37 for almost three years because I listened to much to the naysayers. If the G21sf would have fit my hand better, I probably would have went that route. However, even the sf is too big for my hands. About a month ago, I finally bought a G37. I have put 650 rounds through it so far. It has quickly become my favorite glock. I have found that I am more accurate with the G37 than with my 9mm or .40 caliber glocks. I am not sure why that is, but I shoot it better. The recoil is more manageable than with my G22. I have nothing against .45 ACP, but I am enjoying the GAP. I just buy my ammo online and in bulk to keep the price down. If all goes well I will be adding a G38 or G39 as well.
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    GAP stands for Glock Automatic Pistol, so just like .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) was developed for Colt pistols only, it was initially developed for the Glock pistol only. It is a fairly new round and may take a long time to settle in due to the ".45 ACP or you're an ignorant SOB" types that are always around.
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    My next to purchases will be the g29 and g38 I have never heard or read any neg. reviews on the GAP45 so if you get a chance to shoot one first then do it everyone one has an opinion. They said same about the 10mm and I bought one and by far love it better then most other caliber. So with that said you are the only person that can decide for your self. Good luck on your choice and enjoy it what ever you deciderr
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    Ok, thanks for explaining. :D
  16. I'm not against the effectiveness or reliability of GAP models or the round itself. But it's a boutique bullet: in limited demand.

    Just because me and my friends buy A doesn't mean that Mega-Store XYZ will carry it. However, a small independent store may, and that's why I call it boutique.

    As far as trading? I specifically stated: if SHTF you wouldnt be able to scrounge for GAP ammo because of its limited demand and quantities, and after SHTF you won't be able to trade the GAP gun for dirt because no rounds would be available.

    The .45 and 9 have been around a long time because they work. The Long Colt is a revolver only option which limits its demand and quantities available. However, I can walk into a store and buy .45LC with ease because of the vast amount of different makes and models that use it.

    To take a reference from the electronics industry: Beta Max was superior to VHS but failed miserably because Sony's licensing rules, which limited the availability of movie titles and diversification of players. (Can also look at Sony's miserable UMD format for the PSP only).

    If GAP is to succeed in the long run, other manufacturers are going to have to adopt it and make it a prevalent round. Which is unlikely, there isn't enough demand for the GAP, their loyal owners aren't begging them to make a GAP model.

    Hell, .40 (by S&W) is a very popular round, yet the hoarders/preppers won't buy it because 9mm and .45 are ubiquitous, and it is not.

    Canary test: I've never seen .45 GAP at Walmart. I've seen ACP and LC however.
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    Lol love the insult of our intelligence.
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    GAP was created for the civilian market in countries that don't allow citizens to have military calibers. So I was told, not sure if its true.
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  19. Yeah, sorry, that went to far. I'm editing.
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    Too funny. Back in 09 I used to shoot with a guy like you alot. Now remember back in 09 when ammo was real hard to come by? I do. Well my buddy said we can stop at the store and get some ammo on the way. Three stores later I had bought three more boxes of GAP. At the fourth store he bought two boxes of GAP and shot my gun.

    I couldn't tell you who sells 40. I never look for it. Kinda works that way. You ain't gonna see something unless you are looking for it. Also FWIW I don't know anyother shooter that buys ammo on the way to the range anymore. Buddy keeps a stock now. It's a good idea, or you might be shooting your buds GAP.......