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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by ModernMusashi, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. ModernMusashi

    ModernMusashi New Member

    Was just wondering when everyone takes there Glocks to the range at what distance do you put your targets and what grouping do you go for. I've been to the range twice now with my G23 and was wondering what people set them at.
  2. Grabber GT

    Grabber GT New Member

    I have a G4 19. I'm a new shooter, but at 21 ft I'm shooting about 3" pattern with 10 rounds and shooting when ready. Not rushing but steady pace. My son in law shoots his CZ in less than 2" pattern and leaves a gaping hole. He's pretty good!

  3. gnihcraes

    gnihcraes New Member

    All distances from 10 feet to 50. Vary it often, it's not like some criminal is going to stop at 7 yards for you.

    Sometimes 75 (25 yards) just for fun, then after a shot or two you bring it back in because you're not hitting much. :)
  4. jimmyalbrecht

    jimmyalbrecht Glockn Rollin

    I shoot anywhere from 7 yds to 20 yds with my G23. I practice shooting slow and steady and also trying to get shots off as fast as possible at every range while remaining in center mass.
  5. ModernMusashi

    ModernMusashi New Member

    75 feet.... Dang, freaking snipers. I thought I was doing pretty good at 30 feet. My brother-in-law is a LEO and say they shoot at 25 yards too. I'm going to need a lot more practice to get there
  6. azpacfan

    azpacfan New Member

    I try the 2 to the chest and one to the head as fast as i can . Try it sometimes it is fun. Thats what they taught us in the ccw class. Or try to alternate head to groin, all at different yardages . It will make you well rounded.
  7. bhale187

    bhale187 New Member Supporter

    For qualifying we do 7, 15 and 25yards; silhouette targets with an 8"x11" hit zone.

    Generally when I go to the range on my own I shoot up close, 7 yards, and don't aim, just get muscle memory to put you in position to put rounds into center mass of a silhouette straight ahead.

    Occasionally testosterone takes over at the range and we'll do 50yard shots at steel plates or bowling pins, a couple times we even had a contest for least number of shots to 'walk in' on a pop bottle at 100 yards. IIRC my best was 3 shots to hit, a good deal of luck was involved on that no doubt. :eek:
  8. ModernMusashi

    ModernMusashi New Member

    POP bottles at 100 yards.... I think at a certain point moves from luck to magic. My uncle use to say as things get harder you move from skill to luck to dumb luck to witchcraft. But I'm thinking in your case its crazy skill.
  9. bhale187

    bhale187 New Member Supporter

    At 100 yards with a standard carry pistol about all you can do is walk it in to the target. You see you are hitting a foot low and a foot left you aim a foot high and a foot right, keep adjusting until you hit. Like I said, I got awfully lucky to hit in 3 ;) But I sure wasn't going to let on that it was luck to the guys who saw it :D
  10. Wolfgang2000

    Wolfgang2000 New Member

    Any where from 3 yards to 25 yards.
  11. TH3180

    TH3180 New Member

    7 to 25 yards depending what I am shooting at, either Alpha or listen for the ping.
  12. ChromeDome

    ChromeDome New Member

    I'm fairly new to shooting also. So I set my target at 7 yards. Right now I'm Just getting a feel for my G19. I guess I'm really focusing on home and self defense.
  13. Webphisher

    Webphisher Duct Tape, Alabama Chrome

    I've been practicing at 7 yards, up from 3 yards, and right now I'm probably 2.5" in grouping. My range I go to is only 15 yards long but a hell of a place to go and shoot!
  14. Going to the range in 15 minutes!!!!!
  15. Webphisher

    Webphisher Duct Tape, Alabama Chrome

    Lucky, Im missing out on range time and some AR shooting bottles and moving targets in the woods time because I'm sick as hell.
  16. malladus

    malladus New Member

    Depends on which range I get when I go to the club - I will practice either 10 and 15 yards, 25 and 50 yards, or 10 to 75 yards. I usually don't shoot for groups but try to get consistent A zone hits at 25 yards or less and B zone hits out to 50. I will shoot dot drills and just try and see how many rounds I can group together to practice trigger control, but usually that gives way to pushing speed and transitions from target to target.

  17. ModernMusashi

    ModernMusashi New Member

    Do you guys practice hitting multiple targets. I'm trying to get a tight group before I move to other skills. I'm a martial arts instructor so I'm trying to do it like my training breaking it down
  18. ModernMusashi

    ModernMusashi New Member

    All my practise is self defense/combat based so I would love to hear your guys ideas of what you do
  19. msandoval858

    msandoval858 New Member

    I practice 7 to 25 yrds. I look for tight groups at closer ranges but mostly just center mass as I go further out. I'm no expert but I can put together some pretty tight 2 to 2.5" groups at 7 to 10 yrds.
  20. lxlate

    lxlate New Member

    I am new to shooting (i have only shot 6 times in total) so at this point i am setting mine up at 10 meters and 5 meters, my grouping currently is 4" for 10 rounds at 5 meters and 6" for 10 rounds at 10 meters