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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by browntailguy, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. browntailguy

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    I ordered a lone wolf barrel for my g22 gen4 so I can shoot 9mm ammo through it back on march 26. Hadn't heard anything from them so I wrote them a few weeks ago asking the status and they said the barrels were back ordered . They said they were getting them in a week or so later and they would ship shortly. It's been 3 weeks and have heard nothing and they show the barrels still back ordered Figured I'd at least get an update.

    All I have heard is great things about this place but I'm a little disappointed since its been since march and haven't received my order. I will add that when I ordered the barrel it showed as being in stock. I wouldn't have ordered from them had it not been in stock. So I am a little frustrated.

    Anyone else run into problems with these people? Thanks
  2. bagozzi46

    bagozzi46 New Member

    I have had no problems with them in the past. They are probably having a hard time keeping them in stock. When they do have them they more than likely ship them out in the order they receive their purchase orders. Get in contact with them again and see where your order stands. Don't let this one thing shine a negative light on their business. See if they can give you a deal on something for making you wait so long. Just my $.02

  3. Happysniper1

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    Have not had the pleasure of doing business with them, but it seems to me that a 3+ month wait for a part, and no initiative on their part to keep you in the loop, is wrong. Have they charged your card for the purchase? Just curious.

    Hope it gets resolved soon!

  4. Two-Guns

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    I would cancel my order and get it else ware.
  5. Devinh2

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    I don't understand. You say your web site is 100% live and he said when he ordered, it was in stock.
    Was thinking about ordering one myself, but I think I'll wait and see how this plays out.
  6. dwcfastrice

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    This is all conjucture, but having worked with a "live" inventory system on a day to day basis.....

    It still probably takes a few hours or at least a day for someone to pull the order, walk to the shelf and grab the part and then process the order thereby removing the item from the live inventory database. By the time they get back to the shelf, that item could have been processed out of inventory by another, previous order.

    Or there was a higher priority "bulk" order that had to get filled first, thus depleting existing inventory for everyone.

    It could have been a timing thing.

    I've been waiting for GLock 23 Slide since May (through Pistol Accents) and he keeps telling me that LWD keeps pushing out the delivery date, so WHO KNOWS.

  7. I did not read in his post stating that it was in stock.I have ordered lots of parts from them. And I have never had a problem! I check barrel status everytime on on their site.I am looking for a 357 barrel for my g22.Then I have to get a g21 to have all the calibers Glock offers !
  8. Happysniper1

    Happysniper1 New Member

    Yep, there it was.

    Still wonder what went on with that order.

    I know sometimes some things just fall between the cracks, perhaps this was one of those times?
  9. Devinh2

    Devinh2 Guest

    Then read it again.
  10. browntailguy

    browntailguy New Member

    I will send you my order number. It did show in stock when I ordered it. I would have not ordered it if it did not show in stock. Thanks
  11. LoneWolfDistributors

    LoneWolfDistributors New Member

    Well no wonder.. it was ordered through a dealer of ours.. not directly with us. OUR SITE (Lone Wolf Distributors) is a live inventory. We cannot comment on how any of our dealer's website's work.

    That was a miscommunication. I can see now when you say "glockparts question" you mean , I thought you meant Glock parts as in descriptive of the items, not the company name.

    Sorry about the confusion. I cannot help you with orders. I can only help you with our direct sales.

  12. rickjames

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    Cancel and reorder directly then.