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  1. Glock_Guy199

    Glock_Guy199 New Member

    What would the best light/laser be for a glock 19?
  2. RogerH

    RogerH New Member

    me too im thinking getting the rear sight laser cuz you can still holster it. my first choice would be the internal one that is in the recoil spring but the cost is more than i can bear right now

  3. Glock_Guy199

    Glock_Guy199 New Member

    I was thinking of one that would go one the rail.
  4. The best is the lasermax guide rod laser. Keep your stock one though for the range, the lasermax fouls up pretty easily.
  5. Pistolero

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    I'm having trouble trying to count the number of people I know who've had trouble with internal guide rod lasers. In any case it's quite a few. As a matter of fact, years ago, it was a fellow at Glock Technical Support who, first, made me aware of the problem. ​

    Pistol lasers are great training devices; not sure whether or not I'd recommend one for SD combat, though. The aiming technique is different; and a fair amount of practice is required before a user becomes instinctively good with using one. ​

    What's the best pistol laser? I'm going to go with Crimson Trace's grip-mounted unit.
  6. Mjones

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    I have the Crimson Trace grip mounted lasers.
    I don't like a weapon mounted light because you have to point your barrel at whatever you want to see. I carry a Streamlight Strion led (160 lumens, 3 light levels and strobe, with rechargeable battery) every day. What would you feel like if you were clearing your house when your wife heard a noise and you brought your weapon mounted light around a corner to see the darkened hallway and you lit up your toddler. To me that is not worth having the light on the weapon. Also I have read that the light is what someone would aim at if there was someone firing at you and you can hold a flashlight at arms length.
    Just my 2 cents.