Glock vs Springfield XD

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  1. AuxSix

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    Thoughts on the XDs?
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  2. chadsaalfrank

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    I am a proud owner of the xd9, shoot very well, groups are tight..... I own 1. On the other hand I own 6 glocks. I carry glock everytime. My opinion they both are great, but I still choose glock everytime as my ccw!

  3. From shooting both a XDM .40 and a Glock 22, HANDS DOWN Glock... xdm is a bit heavier, not as easy to disassemble, and personally, I shot tighter with the glock.... as Chad said above, they both are great, but hands down Glock is better
  4. cmiddleton

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    My only gripe about Glock over the XD is the XD fits the width of my hand better. My hand is so wide that when I hold my 23, it looks like a normal guys hand on a 26 or 27.

    This is obviously not the Glocks fault.

    Every gun model is different. As far as reliability, I feel just as comfortable with Glock or XD. I prefer to buy my guns new, so I know exactly what has been shot through them.
  5. glock17c

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    Middleton but a gen 4 with the back straps could help the glock fit your hand better
  6. cmiddleton

    cmiddleton New Member

    I would give a gen 4 a go. Might rent at the range first though.

    My hand is just wide like a boat paddle. Not really long from finger tip to base. Too big of a blackstrap could leave me stretching and reaching for the trigger.

    After shooting 100 rounds through my 23, the joint at the base of my thumb gets sore and the soreness goes through my whole webbing between thumb and index finger.

    It doesn't happen with the other guns that I have owned.

    If I didn't have to keep it concealed, I would move up to a G22, problem solved.
  7. Blackmagic02

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    I have an XD-45 compact (4" b) that shoots very well. Trigger pull a little heavier than Glock but not bad at all. Field strips about as easy as a Glock. IE: no tools or pen top required. That said, the only time I carry it is when I am at the range with my G23. I am just hopelessly devoted to Glocks though. As a friend (and fellow Glock owner) once quoted: "a Glock is the shovel that shoots".
  8. Happysniper1

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    Bought the very first release of the XD, when they first came out, for $250 NIB. People were going "you bought an X-what?".

    My only gripe is that danged grip safety: there are times I am trying to manipulate it empty, like manually locking the slide back with no mag, and if your grip is not right, the safety immobilizes everything.

    On the list of things I really like, the LCI and the cocked striker indicator.

    The trigger feels differently from a Glock, though both are striker-fired. Stock, the XDs trigger reset is not as short as a Glock's.

    Other than that, it is an outstanding weapon, 16+1 in 9mm for my (earliest) model. Not as mushy as, say a Sigma, but somewhat sloppier feel than a Glock.

    CJKOLCUN New Member

    I agree with this.
  10. ikevin

    ikevin New Member

    I have an XD9 that is a champ and just took my new G22 out last. I like them both equally for what they offer and both will have permanent homes in my collection though after running the G22 I stopped and looked at Glock sub compacts without even glancing at the XDs. :)
  11. CDR_Glock

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    I have 4 Glocks and anXDM 9mm Compact.

    The tennifer finish of a Glock is superior to the finish on a SA XDM.

    However, both shoot well, and it's a matter of personal preference. If you're a 1911 person, the XD/XDM line is a natural choice.

    I find the grip safety to be a pain when I'm field stripping the gun. It has to be depressed to move the slide back.
  12. The Glock is always ready to save your life. The Glock will always fire. The Glock will never fail. Why? Because your finger is the safety.

    Every other gun has safetys, and that means they are likely to fail. Not more likely, but likely. Turning over a safety is a fine motor skill. When high adreneline begins to flow the first function of the human condition to begin to fail is the ability to adaquately perform fine motor skills, and as such the ability to identify and manipulate safetys, and multiple at that, becomes severely impaired.

    No amount of training or muscle memory can over come this. And no matter what some might say you can never be even 99.9% sure that your safety is already off when the moment comes.

    In this, Glock is the only firearm capable of proper life saving function every single time. Since I carry a gun for the protection of my self and family, I cannot consider any firearm that falls short of this very basic function.
  13. JMJ3

    JMJ3 New Member

    I own a xd9 and carry it atleast 2 days out the week. The other 5 days go to my g30. The xd line is great. I believe my xd to be just as reliable as my glock. The manual of op are the same basically. They are both point and shoot guns. I have no gripes about the xd line, I like the grip safety and other features.
  14. They are not both point and shoot. The xd relies on the user to ensure the safetys are deactivated to fire. Human error and loss of fine motor skills means that the xd will never ever be capable of being as reliable as a Glock with saviglng your life.

    The range cannot be compared to a life or death situation, they are night and day.
  15. JMJ3

    JMJ3 New Member

    Sorry, I have to disagree with you. As long as you properly grip the xd it will fire. The safeties are automatically disengaged with properly gripping it as you should on any firearm. In my experience they both are point and shoot, and reliable. I have shot both effortlessly without any conscious transition. The skill of the shooter is more important than what he uses to defend himself with in a critical defensive situation.
  16. flightmedic76

    flightmedic76 New Member

    I had an XD9 that I ended up selling to a friend. I found it to be a good shooter that felt pretty nice in the hand overall , but the Glock 19 just fits my hand slightly better. The Blue label discount makes it an even easier choice for me.
  17. codemanod

    codemanod New Member

    This statement is not only untrue, it's absurd. To say the glock has no safeties is ignorant, the glock has three safeties, two internal and the trigger. Glock calls there action a safe action. Next the xd does have a grip safety, IT WILL NOT FAIL!

    I have both and here's what my thoughts are. If you live in a free state the capacity of a out of the box xdm can't be beat. 19+1 in 9mm, 16+1 in .40s&w. The xd & Xdm's have better triggers otb and they come with metal sights. Glocks are lighter and have a lower profile and accessories are cheaper if you want to trick out your gun. Honestly you can't go wrong with either.
  18. purplefred2

    purplefred2 New Member

    I love my Glock 22, I don't own a XD or XDM but you can buy a conversion for the Glock so you can practice shooting with .22 cal which makes it just pennies to shoot a round instead of 20 to 30 cents a round to shoot 9 mm or .40/.45 cal.
    But it comes down to personal choice/preference. Try both at a Gun shop, then choose.
  19. Levelcross

    Levelcross New Member

    Both the Glock and the XD are good choices for what ever you may want in a pistol. I have shot a XD and the XDM and like the trigger on the XDM a little better than the XD. It just looks like a Double Decker Bus to me as the slide is higher than what I am accustomed to. I carry a G 22 almost every day, but find nothing wrong with the XD, some complain about the grip safety but practice will make that a moot point.
  20. egleonard

    egleonard New Member

    I have to disagree with you on this. Not every other gun has a "safety"...I assume you're talking about a safety switch because the safe action trigger is considered a "safety". The XD has a safe action trigger like the Glock, but it also has the grip safety (which I actually prefer.) If you're not holding it properly, then it won't fire. if you have a problem holding it properly, then you shouldn't be holding a gun at all. I love my Glock and my XD...both are well made firearms. Sounds like you've never shot an should before you assume.